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Tuesday, July 01, 2008



beautiful. we'll happily wait :D


Hi Brett - Oh, it's coming along so beautifully! I love the redwood panels.


darn it! now I have to change my plane tickets...

; )


The table tops sound fabulous. Three years - well done - happy blog birthday.

Jennifer Jeffrey

Wow, Brett - this is coming along so beautifully. I know the extra wait time must be frustrating, but the result will be oh-so-worth it.

September is shaping up to be a mighty fine month indeed.

And Happy 3 Years to IPOS! Looking forward to many more.


It's cool that you're being, well, cool... about the delays.
Thrilling to get a peek at your vision for where I can't wait to get a meal.
(And, wait. My blog is older than yours? By a month, heh. Blows my mind.)



1 - September, you say? You know what that means! Boozy Bunko, is all I'm saying.

2 - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you're using reclaimed wood for your tables. I can only imagine how beautifully that's going to come together.

3 - Also, I HEART Heath tiles, and the ones you selected are simply perfect. Literally.

4 - Happy birthday to IPOS, indeed!


Congratulations on year three.

Way to stick to your ideals. Don't go compromising.

The redwood next to those Heath subway tiles is striking.

It's going to be a great place.

I can't wait to visit.




I've been peeking in each day I pass by, when the workers are out front. I'm disappointed to hear about the delays, but am glad they're for good reason. But please hurry - we're getting hungry over here!


I can't wait. But I have to.

Restaurant Commando


Happy b-day to your blog.

I'll keep an eye on your construction progress -- I should end up in the Bay Area end of August -- if you're open then I'd love to pop by.

-Alex Makarski

catherine ross

Happy birthday! Keep us posted!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY IPOS!! I would whine about having to wait even longer for the opening... but with all the fantastic things you're doing with the space.. I'll save my whining until I can't get a table. Much love to Contigo and IPOS!

shuna fish lydon

Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hippo Hooray-o!
Hip Hip Hippo-orama Hooray-o-di-o!

Happy Three Year anniversary.
And many meals eaten with old trees.


Kudos to you for being as green as you can possibly be! I've been waiting and waiting to tell my husband, "Quick, we've got to go to SF! There's this fabulous restaurant that's just opened...!" Waiting a bit longer won't hurt. In fact, we just happen to be coming down there in September.


We will bring our friends to your new place when it opens-good luck with that. What kind of oil will you be using??

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