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Wednesday, May 21, 2008



That's a lot of copper. Like everything else these days it costs a lot more than it used to. In Chicago, many restaurants and buildings with exposed copper tubing are getting it ripped right out by thieves.

Are you going to have a maintenance contract with your HVAC company or do you have a good reliable engineer who can handle the system on a moment's notice?

Do you have a plan for handling preventative/ongoing maintenance of your refrigeration, stoves, ovens and broilers?


Mmm ... building guts. I too have always held a fascination and appreciation for the mechanical beauty of piping, ductwork, conduit and other architectural arteries.


How nice to appreciate this! I am a construction Project Manager. My favorite part of my job is being on job sites when things are being installed. It's exciting to see the "bones" and to see it all come together.

Plus - as a keen amateur cook, I often think there is a similarity between building and cooking. There is all this "behind the scenes" stuff that makes the beautiful end result happen. The guts and process are oftn as much fun, or more, than the end result. And with like most things the quality of the ingredients makes the quality of the final product. You get good (but not necessarily fancy!) ingredients or materials, installed carefully by people who take pride in their work, and you get a great building. Or dinner.


Sad to hear that your restaurant will not open until later this summer! It's been a treat seeing it come into itself. Definitely am looking forward to finally seeing Contigo now that I'm living in the city. :)

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