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Friday, May 09, 2008



kind of interesting that you can install a wood-burning oven with no HVAC, but wood-burning fireplaces are now banned in SF. (Not that I agree with the ban, mind you... I just find it curious.)


Looking good...

When you say it vents naturally you mean it is directly vented to the outside right? It has it's own chimney.

Do you have an air conditioner or is that not necessary in SF?


Art, yes. The wood-burning oven is directly vented and has its own chimney.


I have to tell you... all this 'behind the scenes' stuff is so fascinating. I think a lot of us diners take it for granted.


Damn, wished that I had heard the crane from across the street. That would have been a show worth watching! I love the new front windows, will they slide open?

shuna fish lydon

at least you have return air equipment... suffice to say I am working somewhere with no ventilation and it's pretty awful on hot days like this week.


You can almost see our house from a couple of the shots :)

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