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Wednesday, April 09, 2008



If I weren't going to be nine months pregnant in July, and therefore unable to board a plane (or walk easily), the Chef and I would fly down to be there on opening night.

Best of luck, my friend. Keep breathing.


I rode by on the 24 on Monday night, and waved: "Hi Contigo!"

Keep writing, keep posting photos -- there won't be any way anyone can forget to think good thoughts if you keep popping up in their feed-reader. :D


It's... so... SOON!
See you there, and Anita, lay off the dude, he's frantic. (Actually, he doesn't seem to be, does he?)
What shall we wear?? I'm shopping for my sardine suit.


Oh goodness, how exciting!

Only bummer in sight... I suppose this means no Burning Man for you this year, huh? Shame, Camp Pendant is growing up, and registering this year as Camp Bunko!


July. That's my birthday month. Something else to share. Positive hugs from me.

Jack at Fork & Bottle

I'm going to San Sebastian soon, the Pre-Season, for Contigo. :)


As a chef with dreams of one day opening a restaurant, I check yr blog daily for updates on Contigo's progress. Thanks for making time to share.

Jennifer Jeffrey

Hey, 3 months is nothing! Here it is April, and I still feel like it should be January.

So with my sense of time, I'll be eating at Contigo... next week.

Can't wait!


Congratulations, Mark, Emily, Jon and I (from the bookstore across the street)will be there on opening day! Has the Noe Valley Voice contacted you about an article yet?


OK, Brett - I'm planning my birthday dinner there now. July 27. Is that reservation confirmed? :)


Brett...been missing you
Wishing you all the best...
and so looking forward to the magical day...


I, too, wish to book my July birthday dinner. Derrick was just asking me what I want to do, & now I know! Sending many good thoughts your way!


How exciting!! I drive by Contigo everyday and will send many good thoughts. Can't wait until opening day...although with all the comments above...it might be a tough ticket to get!! :)

jeanne bee

wow. soon. clock ticking. all of us very excited!


Hey Brett
ll be bac n m d may. lEt me now f there s anyth ng can do. eyboard s m ss ng the letters on e ther s de of j.
bla e


Can we see the menu??????



If me sending good thoughts means I can walk through the front door of Contigo in July... I'm in!!!!


Yeah!!! Being in the construction business myself, I was cutting you lots of slack. I know how construction projects can go.

But I am anxiously awaiting opening day/night!


Congratulations. I am glad that your baby's giving birth in July. I wish I could be there on opening day but if not then, definitely on my next trip to California. The blog world misses you around here but understands you're away for a great reason.


I'm all the way in B'dos and I'm sending the positive and encouraging thoughts. I've been following the progress for a while :)


Yippie! I was excited enough to see a post from you--and now, restaurant news as well? July--I'm there! (even if it's August, but fingers crossed for July).

Very best to you, Brett. Hang in there.
We're all rooting for you and Contigo!


We will be there the first Monday we get off from our place.
See you then :)


July! I just might make it! Sending all the good thought stuff your way. Contigo is in my Sis's neighborhood.

Dr. Biggles

Hey mang,

Sorry I've been off-planet as well, personal and business life take over!

I can send you warm thoughts, but they're going to be sloshy with gravy. Is that okay?


catherine ross

Excellent! Looking forward to it!

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