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Wednesday, February 06, 2008



I was in also in Belize for lobster season a few years ago... Ah, so good... And Sour Sop ice cream for dessert!

Was there a restaurant called Habenero (I think?) still on the main drag in Caye Caulker? They made the best Key Lime Pie -- um, served in a glass -- that I ever had in my life.


Habanero is still there, but we didn't make it there. Another cool feature of Caye Caulker were the little dessert stands that local women set up on the sidewalks, er dirt paths, after sunset. I had a yummy slice of key lime pie made by one of these local dessert ladies that was the perfect sweet ending to my night.


Oh, I'm glad to hear that it's still there. :) And yes, I loved the homemade desserts you could buy on the streets/paths... and on the beach -- I would always chase down anyone with a tub of baked goods. :) I still dream about a kind of sweet coconut empanada/pasty that I once got.


If you had made this trip a month earlier you may have persuaded me to book a trip to Belize instead of Grand Cayman. We love Cayman but I have a feeling there is a lot more interesting food to discover in Belize. Definitely a place I would like to explore in the future.


Brett, will you PLEEEEEEEEASE take me with you next time? C'mon man, I'm a great guest.



Belize is somewhere I have always wanted to go. I had an Insight guide about a dozen years ago I read from cover to cover. I think Green & Black's use Belizian chocolate for their Maya bars.


Bird's Isle Restaurant blew me away! I hadn't been there in over 5 years and I always taught that it was the little thatch restaurant/shack near the entrance. But boy was I in for a surprise. It was transformed into this lovely seafront restaurant with a beautiful bar with a seaside mural and stars painted in the sky. And there strawberry daiquiri was the best in the whole county of Belize. And the food was great very reasonable and served piping hot by a courteous wait staff.

I also visited on a Thursday night which is karaoke night, had such blast! Sang my heart out. And they have a karaoke master who has loads and loads of selections to choose from. So I'd suggest Bird's Isle Restaurant to anyone visiting Belize!

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