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Friday, January 11, 2008



How exciting! I stumbled across your blog in a desperate search for instructions to braise baby artichokes (thank you, btw), and now I'm completely enamored. I also happen to be relocating to SF in May, so if you're looking for servers you just let me know, it sounds like your venture is right up my alley...

catherine ross

Old-growth Redwood - Wow!


It's fascinating to get to watch if all happen--it already looks so different!

Have a great trip! Someplace slow and warm sounds pretty appealing to me right now. We're soggy up here (insert wry grin).


Sorry about the theft that sucks. On the other side of the block, my power was out for 14 hours.

The old growth redwood is awesome! I have been noticing a lot of work over there. My BF and I can't wait until you open, save me an opening night table.


Hope you have a good trip! Sounds like a great place to be this time of the year. -25 here in Wisconsin this morning!


Brett, where are you? We miss you! We need the update...


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Toto Toilets

seems like theres still a lot of work left o_o

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