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Tuesday, December 04, 2007



Aaaah Brett

Looks like the deadline to file has long been up, the ballots printed, the polling places all closed, and, gosh the election results have even been tallied, but...! Another possibility came to mind and I thought there would be no harm in passing it along despite its poor chances. So. “brío”? Definitions I’ve pulled from the internet include: strength, vigor, mettle, pluck, grace, charm, spirit, verve, determination and elegance.
Spanish. Begins with “br” like Brett. Easy to pronounce. So there you have it. I’ll stop now.


I love that in the midst of all that sledgehammering and demolishing there is a label that states: Manville. Brilliant.


I've been following the blog and even though Contigo is a nice name, I worry that it sounds too generic. I'm sorry! I just feel like I should get that out there since you haven't decided. And I don't uderstand the choice of ampersand, since it doesn't have the metaphorical significance of "field to fork" or "community," etc. And just a last minute endorsement for a dark horse...I love Tibidabo! The funny thing is, it actually is really easy to say! Try to say it 10 times fast, or 20 or 30...and you won't get tripped up. It just rolls off the tongue and is fun to say! It is just so unique. I miss "Ollalie" because it was also unique and rolls around in the mouth when
you say it. Good Luck with whatever your heart tells you!

shuna fish lydon

congratu fucking lations on the demolition photos!!!!

good god man but you deserve the world!

much love from this chef to you, chef. XO


Congratulations on choosing a name.

I wouldn't recommend having a public forum to decide anything else for your restaurant. That must have driven you mad! Especially my entries.

Anyhoo, congrats again. Construction is a whole other beast as you know.

I look forward to checking in on your progress.



Congrats on the name and construction! I am hoping that you will have outdoor seating and more importantly that you will allow dogs to be on the patio. I have a selfish interest, since we live across the street.

I have been wanting to poke my head in the door and say hi, not to mention to sneak a peek.

Jonathan Smathers

You're just the kind of person that I really hope succeeds beyond your own wildest expectations. Jon

Daniel Koontz

Congratulations! I just discovered your blog and have really enjoyed vicariously living through your entrepreneurial experiences. It's been inspiring.

And a GREAT idea to run a blog-based naming contest, sheer brilliance!

Best of luck and we hope to try you out next time we're in SF.


Casual Kitchen


oh this project looks exciting! all the best to you in a splendid opening.

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