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Monday, November 26, 2007



how about calling the new place 'Restore'?


I like "Riff" a lot, and "Gypsy Pepper" is intriguing. I'm afraid "Plan B" makes me think of contraceptives.


I think Restore is a clever name. I wonder if anyone has used it?

None of the above except for Sonrisa.

I'm thinking.....Olallie!


"contigo" and "sonrisa" catch my eye. Both send warm, happy feelings.

"1320" wouldn't be awful (I'm thinking "1550 Hyde" here.) but "trece veinte" and "MCCCXX" require that your patrons work too hard -- they'd need not only to remember the address but then also to try to remember whether it's "MCCC" or "MCCD" and well, ... too hard.

Ken H

I don't like this batch as much. I think Spark is a great name... but not sure if it's a for your restaurant based on your postings. Depends how much of a centerpiece that oven is.


I found myself thinking about "together" - no winking, but certainly mingling. And as a old hippie, I liked the "getting it together" aspect of it. Are things coming together?

Actually, my overwhelming feeling about this crop of names is "losing center." Maybe give it a rest for a couple of weeks and come back with a fresh eye?

I had some fun finding the location on Google Street View. Looks like it's just waiting for you! When do we start seeing construction pictures?


I think Contigo is just perfect. It sums up your thoughts on what it means to eat out. Why we eat out. Whether it's the relation between the diner and fellow diners, the diner and the chef, or the diner and the ingredients. I love it.


I gave a None of the Above click. But Contigo appeals the most, except it songs more like the name of a song.

Plan B is amusing, but I think/suspect your food will be Serious and, Plan B conveys whimsy or simply, second choice.


I was tempted with Sonrisa but then it sounded like sunraysia and in my head I could hear the stupid sunraysia add.

I do love to sit at the counter to dine. We've been doing it a lot lately, even when there are plenty of tables available.



jen maiser

olallie olallie olallie.


I'm just gonna re-inject SWOON into the mix.
Think about it again. Very romantic and delicious.


I actually thought you might put "Eau de Vie" up there, which is really quite a lovely name and seems to express your intent to capture the essence of the dining experience


Brett's Place as in "I'm going over to Brett's Place for dinner tonight."


How about "del barri" from your brainstorming session?

Love the meaning, and also sounds like "the bar" to english ears.

- People might think it is just a bar.
- Sounds a little like a taqueria


Conviva is my suggestion, but I like contigo.


Contigo all the way. Sonrisa is nice too. All the number ones must be jokes - too hard to remember or spell.

I'm single and I love to cook for friends. But I also enjoy eating out alone to soak up the community ambience, so I totally get and support what you are saying and trying to do.


Thanks, everyone, for continuing to play along. Your viewpoints are so helpful. In case you were curious, the names that were meant to be funny were Plan B and Sin Nombre. And to a lesser extent the numbers, especially the roman numerals. The name that I referred to as a one-night stand was Gypsy Pepper. You're voting tells me my instincts were right. Sorry, GP, I won't be returning your calls. After eating at Spork last night (if you haven't been yet, go and check them out!), I realized Spark is a wee bit too similar. I'm glad to learn that so many people liked Contigo and Sonrisa.

Jenny Rebecca

LOL at the first phrase listed after "wink".


1rst: Biquini
2nd: del barri
3rd: eau de vie


I think you're hitting the essence nail on its head. While the "field to fork" and other sustainability-ish issues are important, they are not the number one influence for me when I choose where to go spend my hard-earned money on dining out. I go to those places where I can eat delicious food AND also feel like I am part of a communal gustatory celebration.

I think this is why I have been so enamored of the name "Nopa." While I do like how Nopa rolls off the tongue, and I think it's a find restaurant, culinarily speaking, what really comes to mind when I think, "Nopa," is what an amazing time I had there recently when I had the most unexpected and fulfilling conversations with complete strangers. I went with a friend, and we were standing at the bar for less than five minutes before two people (a middle-aged guy and a woman who had been best friends for 30+ years but hadn't seen each other in about 10) struck up a conversation with us, and we ended up exchanging email addresses, etc. before our table was called.

We then moved to the other end of the bar to our seats right in front of the chefs, where we proceeded to make two more new best friends, as well as talking and laughing with the chefs all night.

It was honestly one of the best nights I've ever had in San Francisco, and it was all because the vibe of the restaurant was so open, warm and inviting.

I have to admit, I don't even remember what I ate (although I know it was yummy!), but I'll never forget how happy that night made me feel about being around other humans. It was something special.


Hey, elarael, I'm glad I'm not the only one who liked bikini/biquini. Are you a Catalan speaker?

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