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Thursday, October 04, 2007



congratulations! Here's to fast contingency removals, smooth loan approval for your seller, aq nice high appraisal, and a stress-free move. :)


Wow, that's great - I'm jealous. My bf and I are trying to rent out our apt and it's not that easy! Congrats on such a swift transaction. Albeit, sorry about the surrounding circumstances...


Yay! Congratulations, Brett!


Neato. What housing slump, eh?
Good luck packing up. I find it so hard...


Yay! Congratulations on selling quickly! That house was very beautiful, and I hope whoever's cooking in your kitchen knows how lucky they are.


Congrats - its good to see urban areas insulated even in the midst of a mortgage crisis.

shuna fish lydon

congratulations on door closing and opening. all my love and strength and the power of letting go to you. xo


That' pretty much what happened when I bought my house four years ago. I went from thinking about *maybe* starting to look at houses, to fully closed and owning a house in 5 weeks. I bought my house for the kitchen, which while not as nice as yours, is big, warm and welcoming. I feel like my house was just waiting there for me to come home to it, and hopefully your new buyers will feel the same way.

Best wishes for a new start. Moving and transitions are unsettling but also have power within them. I wish you all the best.


We're ready!

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