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Wednesday, September 05, 2007



Sounds like an awesome journey!! Welcome back to life and the web!!



You made me cry. I didn't think any account of Burning Man could ever do that to me.

Welcome back. No, this is a new self you are describing. Welcome to the world.


One of my other friends, who is also a chef and restaurant owner, is going through a (ahem) transition stunningly similar to your own. We saw her this weekend for the first time since she shared her news with us, and although it was terrible to see her so raw, it was also exciting to see her glowing with possibilities in the cracks between her anger and sadness.

I'm still sad for what you've gone through, but I can't wait to see how you're coming back.


dude, you look so much like Richie that you're now in thom's phone under Brett "PlastikMan".

Don't go by the photos on his site; we all know him as a shaved head dude. the hair is a new thing.

i know the week didn't go quite as planned, but i think that was a huge learning experience for all of us.

i'll be linking to some youtube videos and my flickr set soon.


So glad you went, sounded like the perfect timing! And I was dancing at the Deep End the same afternoon, can't believe I didn't see you amongst the masses!


thanks, jim. it's good to be back.

ditto, shauna. i'm glad i touched your heart. it was a moving, cathartic piece to write.

anita, raw is good. check out the pema chodron quote from a few days ago. no reason to feel sad for me.

fatemeh, funny thing is back in the late 80's i briefly had the same haircut that richie has now. my hair was even that blonde.

rachel, i can't wrap my mind around the fact that you were there that day? did you tell me you were going and i forgot?? i would've loved to chill with you on the playa. next year.... (yes, i'm gonna figure out a way to go, believe me).


What a great piece -- i've always wanted to do this. A SF friend of mine and her husband go every year and a few years ago they build a steel life size chess set, complete with crazy illumination... They were getting sheet metal delivered to their garage in Mission and were soldering/welding this stuff themselves... Welcome back!!

Edward Jay

Welcome back! Your trip sounds cathartic and amazing. I look forward to celebrating a new you. I have a feeling that you have a lot of great stories to write without the letter N.


Yay! I am so happy for you. It sounds as if you've found your way to a good place.

This piece is so beautiful--thank you for sharing it with us.


Wowee, Brett! Tears came to my eyes, too, as I continue to witness your rising from the ashes. Welcome back and I look forward to hearing about your new adventures!


Ive seen this event on a TV programme recently. Glad you went and glad to see you back.


Beautifully written, and thanks for posting the video. I was moved, even in absentia, by the obvious and profound release taking place there. Welcome back in all ways.

shuna fish lydon

I have been excited for you for a while now, but this piece? ZOW. You remind me that we can choose to have the first day of the rest of our lives over and over again.

I look forward to seeing you and recognizing that glow, aloud.


I've missed you and your blog! Thank you for sharing part of your life in such a beautiful and touching piece...I'm very moved by its poetry and lyricism.

Best wishes for the next steps of your journey - I'm looking forward to reading about them (or seeing them in person!:))

Jennifer Jeffrey

When do we get to see a picture of your new 'do?


I think being free and releasing everything within you has got to be one of the most liberating things ever. I'm so glad you did this and it touches me more than I can say to know you are well.

Lisa D. Walker

what can i say? i cry with joy and pain at your new loss and gain. i remember the breaking of the heart and thinking/feeling that another fresh one was emerging all along. a true birth. the pain i would never trade. and let me tell you-- it is always better on the side where we are. we have no rules. we have no ties. we have our truth. we have only our best selves in a world we wake up to and create everyday. i am so happy for you!

Lisa D. Walker

and by the way? i am SO going with you next year!


your post moved me to tears,


The heart breaks and is stronger in the mending. The broken parts make it easier to let love in again. Burn, baby, burn.


you are making me cry at work. But it's worth it to hear this


Holy crap! You're back! Where the heck have I been?


I have that same e.e. cummings quote on a stickie on my (computer) desktop. it's a great mantra. i love that you know it too!


Hey Brett,

It was great to meet you at Sam's. I'm going through the same transition myself. I'm a tad late commenting, but nothing's worth holding back being who you really are. Onward!

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