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Thursday, September 27, 2007



I am so sorry you are going to be leaving that kitchen. However, if you were able to make this kitchen SO nice, you will most certainly make another one even nicer! I'm sorry you've had a tough time lately...


Man, this is so freaking beautiful. I've often written little "odes" to a home I've left behind, but I've never had such a deep affinity for one particular space.

Jennifer Jeffrey

Stop! You're making me cry! This is beautiful. The kitchen served you well - there is nothing like leaving something knowing that you utilized it to its very best.


Oh, sob! (I'm sentimental as well).

What a gorgeous ode to one so dear, and having seen the site myself I can completely understand. Your taste, style, and creativity are evident in spades--and all that you'll be taking with you, along with the memories. I know there will be many more beautiful kitchens for you to play with going forward. At the same time, what a graceful--and sad--goodbye.


That is one gorgeous kitchen Brett. I can see why you're sorry to say goodbye. How lucky it was to have met you - I'm sure it's thinking enviously of all the future kitchens you'll be cooking in!

(the other) Anita

What a gorgeous kitchen.

It's rare that I look at other people's kitchen with envy, but yours definitely sparked a tinge of green.

But the silver lining in your leaving is that must mean you're making steady progress on the restaurant! :)

jeanne bee

this is such a poignant tribute I nearly weepy now and want to go to my little ole kitchen.


nice kitchen-sad goodbye-but possibilities ahead...

Pacific Heights Real Estate

I can see why you would type such a heart-felt goodbye to your kitchen. It's beautiful, but hopefully that wasn't the only reason you originally purchased this place.

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