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Tuesday, May 08, 2007



smarty pants except you've got more change of seeing me naked than on the back of a horse. Both at the same time - no chance!

jen maiser

Funny - I totally was thinking of the cheese sandwich thread as these posts were going up. That cheese sandwich guy must be going nuts!


"The new cheese sandwich"!!!


Nice job! Now I have to figure out how to get a little more high tech with my photos!


What kind of anchovies? Where do you buy them? (Continuing the quest for the best possible anchovies...) Love your blog!


Vintage Corelle!!


did you know he is now the Editor of the food section of the new york times?


I'm so jealous you get weekly produce boxes for $20! That for me is reason enough to move to SF :)


Sam, I don't know what to say....

Jen and Cookiecrumb, a cheese sandwich is good every once in a while.

Catherine, thanks. It's all about the FlickR.

Mopalia, the anchovies are from the Spanish Table in Berkeley. You can also order them on line. Check my earlier post on anchovies for more info.

David, good eye! Corelle in the upper left corner.

Sam, yes, I noticed Pete Wells was now the editor of the NYT food section. Good for him!

Radish, I suspect CSA boxes in NYC wouldn't cost much more. Check this site for a list of some CSA programs that deliver in NYC.


CSA overload is no problem when you have a juicer! Your extra veggies will become a super healthy treat and your fridge is ready for the next box in no time.


Your fridge is jam-packed!
You definitely love your greens!

Jessica Schessler

I never realized how fun it was to peek into someone else's fridge!

Mademoiselle French Chic

I looooove Sardines... Sardine is my favourite fish, last I ate one of those such particulare fish it was at Anglet, south of France. God save Sardine!! I think your fridge is cool... I actually want the same for my birthday (october!!) I gonna add you on my French Chic Link, my favourites blog, because you're so right, Sardines deserve a blog! Come and have a look on my page, it's in english as well, all about french Chic trendy, and food as well (I love white wine) Hope to read from you soon... peace, & continue. Mademoiselle French Chic (aka Suzy...) direct from Paris-France!

San Francisco Photos

Wow, that's a major stocked fridge ... a bit messy for me but it's good to have the food in the fridge to put together last minute meals!

Noodle Princess

Oh man, I totally LOVE your unedited, uncensored photos of your fridge contents.

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