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Saturday, May 05, 2007


bea at La tartine gourmande

What a great way to contribute to this event. I love the look of these carrots, not to mention the dish!


This looks incredible! I like the idea of stewing artichokes for this dish.
It's very nice of you to contribute to this event. I will have to make something yellow before May 16th. Although, I don't have a food blog...yet. Working on it.


THose carrots are so cute!


Thank you Brett for your lovely words. Your support of A Tastes OF Yellow is much appreciated. The fish dish is my kinda meal. Hopefully I'll make it to San Francisco to dine at Olallie when it opens.


Bea, thanks. The carrots are beautiful, aren't they.

Emilie, can't wait to see your new blog!

Garrett, awww, cute little baby carrots. Actually, come to think of it, the farmer described them as teen carrots, because they were a little bit too big to be called babies.

Barbara, you're welcome! I'd love it if you came to visit! I'll cook you some of our local sardines.

Amanda at Little Foodies

Just working my way through the amazing round up for A Taste of Yellow. Thought it would be rude to stop by and find out you're opening an eaterie and not wish you good luck so.. lots of luck. It must be very exciting. I hope Barbara enjoys the sardines WHEN she visits.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I posted a link in my own little yellow roundup~ nothing like the great job Barbara did!
This looks great~ I will give it a try!

We know a little about running a resturant... Have you lost your mind? :-) Really~best of luck!!


Great recipe, and I can't wait to see what happens with your new restaurant. We have a restaurant route too! Call us.

-julia at mariquita farm


What a lovely summery recipe, I need to find some suitable carrot to try this... I'm hoping next time I come to SF I can dine at Olallie.

Venkatesh Iyer

The carrots looks very nice. We should have carrots atleast once in a week. It is very good from health point of view.

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