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Wednesday, April 25, 2007



1. Adam is a glutton. Period. Did you reread that list???

2. You made an excellent choice. BS is my favorite. But tell me you've had the chicken coconut curry noodles? If not, Brett, you HAVE to get them next time. I would walk on my knees across broken glass to get a plate of them.

3. I don't think Bar Crudo was ever open for lunch.


What a great post, and what a great solution. It's so fine to treat visitors to things we take for granted, like authentic foods from so many exciting cuisines, often in quite modest (still charming) restaurants. You made the perfect choice.


I am so glad that Adam linked here and that I've discovered you (like Columbus discovered America, right?). Where have you been all my life? Where have I been? I guess not in San Francisco or visiting the West Coast food blogs enough. Anyway, it looks like you had a great lunch and a wonderful recent trip to Paris.

Jennifer Jeffrey

Yum. I love, love, love the tea leaf salad. And the veggie samosas. And the rice. And... Yeah, fantastic choice.


Well done, Brett. Burma Superstar was the last meal I had before hightailing it out of the city (takeout, eaten in between spurts of last minute packing). I crave that tea leaf salad and nan gyi dok (the noodles you got) something fierce. Sadly there is nothing like that here:-(

Venkatesh Iyer

It is a good job done, Brett.

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