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Sunday, March 18, 2007



Good to see all the restaurant posts in one place so I could get caught up. Sounds like Olallie is well on its way :)


Great to see you back posting Brett. Looms like things are going to plan with the restaurant.


I am so glad to see some activity on your blog! I am one of the owners of the independent bookstore across the street from your future location and I have been anxiously awaiting some kind of update on your project. Both personally and for the neighborhood, we're thrilled welcome you! Good luck, and we'll keep checking up on your progress.


Het Brett, It's very exciting to read about the progess of your restaurant--I am fascinated by how these things come together. I hope you're also being tracked by a TV crew. More importantly I cain't hardly wait til Olallie's opens and I can order some of your paella stuffed squid. Best squid dish I've ever had.


While we wait for the next installment, tell us:
Where do you get pasture raised goat meat?


Doug and barbara, yes, progress is being made, albeit slowly. Thanks for continuing to stop by IPOS.

Tracy, thanks for dropping a line on IPOS. I love Cover to Cover and am excited to be across the street from your store and from the excellent culinary store next door to you.

Bart, I can't wait to be cooking in my own kitchen again. One order of squid hot from the oven coming soon!

Wild, you can occasionally find grass fed goat meat at Marin Sun Farms' stand at the Saturday Ferry Plaza market. Ask them when it will be available next.


Brett, maybe when you are getting ready to open we can do something, like a window display of cookbooks and an announcement of your opening. I'm sure that Malcolm from the cooking supply store next door would be into it too (we've done several things together- including a Harry Potter party a couple of years ago.)

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