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Monday, December 11, 2006



ooh - you two have a new picture - so gorgeous.
I am not sure that I can buy tickets this year since I am a host, so I'll just have to find other means of trying to persuade you to cook me dinner.

thanks for the brilliant, inspired prize.

shuna fish lydon

Love the new photo of you and N. It's a good thing it's illegal to marry both of you! xo

gorgeous prize, I agree.


Since Sam and I can't bid, I guess we'll just have to visit Olallie at 'normal' people.

Great prize and whoever wins is certainly going to be very lucky either way!


Hmm... I wonder if our new kitchen will be done by April 30? I suppose I could borrow someone else's kitchen for the evening. :D

Great prize!


What a fantastic prize, Brett - and I'm so excited about your restaurant, already looking forward to visiting there...

Love the photo of you and N :)


What a wonderful, thoughtful, personal prize. I can't wait to come visit your new restaurant. :-)

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