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Monday, July 24, 2006



I was there about two weeks ago, I had the plum and also the blackberry. Delicious! Much like the gelato I remember from Sicily, soft and intense.

shuna fish lydon

Hmmmm. I have to say that although I am a big fan pf Sketch I disliked Cones. Flavours tasted soul-less and pre-made. I think Il Laboratorio del Gelato is much closer to Sketch's just in purity of flavour and freshness.

I also think Fairfax Scoop is worth a mention here. Have you had the fresh strawberry? It sounds normal, but it is excellent!

I can barely wait for Ici... next time you're on my side let me know.


il laboratorio is a dangerous, dangerous neighbor of mine... luckily they're more often than not out of my favorite flavor, marscapone...


Road trip! (Oh yeah, like falling across the Richmond Bridge is much of a stretch for me...)
I'm on my way.

David L

Only 97?

Consider yourself lucky.

Am happy to hear that I can eat as much Sicilian gelato as I like without getting fat!


I'm firmly camped in the Straus Yogurt corner.

I keep trying other flavors, but always end up with a small scoop of the yogurt.

Oh, and a little bag of toffee. But they haven't been able to temper in this heat, so no toffee for me!


I've never made ice-cream with just milk, sugar and fruit - always gone the eggs-and-cream route. The former would be a much healthier option, enabling a girl to eat ice-cream more often and still fit into her merciless skinny jeans. Do you have a fabulous fruity ice-cream recipe based on milk and sugar that you could share with us?


Tried Sketch a few weeks ago -- the organic coffee is so, so smooth, and agreed, the peach tastes like the best peach I have tasted. I delighted in finding small peach chunks in there. My only complaint is they didn't allow me to take pictures in the store!

Il Laboratorio del Gelato is awesome, and located in one of my favorite eating neighborhoods of Manhattan.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. There is just nothing like gelati freshly made; the flavors are so intense, and the consistency is just heaven!


Someday I have to get out to Berkeley!!

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