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Thursday, July 06, 2006



Wow, the things food will make a glutton do!... Great story!


Bravo, Brett! I'm proud to have inspired such rash behavior - Di Fara deserves nothing less! And I'm so glad to hear that you loved the pizza as much as I do. Now that Brandon and I are both in Seattle - no more every-other-month trips to NY for me! - I really miss the stuff. If I were you, I'd book another trip to visit your wife before the summer is through...


What a great story! When you think about it, people miss their planes all the time with far less reason. And this is just another reason for me to get back to NY soon. I am worried DeMarco may decide to retire before I get to experience the bliss of DiFara. Thanks for sharing.


Brett, you make me so proud.


that pizza looks amazing!!! i would like to have one right now for breakfast. definitely flight-miss worthy. :)


I have never missed a plane and would be mortified to do so, but if I did miss a plane in the future, I hope I will have such a damn fine excuse as you for doing so.
Oh, you crack me up!
BTW check clotilde's site for the details about that meet up we talked about, it is this coming Monday, hope to see you there!


Jason Perlow

Awesome post. I couldn't of said it better myself. Thanks for linking!



What a story! I was biting my nails until the end, hoping that pizza was going to be worth it. So glad to hear it was, but I must admit to feeling a pang of poignant sadness at reading about DeMarco - there are too few people left in the world who take such time, pride and care in their food. I, for one, will just have to get myself to NY before the chance to experience this genius is gone!


sympathetic to your enthusiasms, indeed

David L

So that's where you've been...at least you have a good excuse!


What a great story! I can just imagine how good those slices must have been.

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

That is funny! You are definitely making me curious about this pizza now!


That's a tasty, tasty piece of writing! I'm pining for pizza, now....
(Maybe the Schneiders will join me on a trip to visit Jenblossom & Mike...)


sounds heavenly-it's 10:30 in CA and now I'm really hungry-sounds like it was worth it.


Great site you have here. I just love the recipes you feature.


must have been one amazingly, awesome, stupendously great pizza to illicit such a response from you, so far as to miss your flight.

pizza? plane? pizza? plane?


My son is currently visiting NY. I'm sending him around to taste the pizza for me...and film the making of it.


Gerald, takes one to know one, doesn't it? :) I thoroughly enjoyed your own gluttonous site, by the way, and plan to check back often.

Molly, yes, I lay all blame fully on you and your delicious description. Did I say blame? I meant gratitude. Thank you :) I am going back in a few weeks to help N pack things up. Unfortunately, we're going to be on a very tight schedule, so I doubt I be able to return.

Tea, yes, I highly recommend getting to Brooklyn soon. And you're right. I was surprised to learn that it's not such a big deal to miss your flight. Next time, I'll get a whole pizza!

Joy, I not surprised that someone who flew all the way to Chicago for dinner would be proud of someone who missed a plane for a slice of pizza. Next thing you know, we'll be flying to Spain for a simple dinner.

Yoony, Di Fara pizza for breakfast. That would be a fantastic way to start the day!

Sam, I suppose I was somewhat embarrassed. I certainly didn't tell the person at the ticket counter the reak reason that I missed my flight. I just muttered something about it being a "long story" and claimed that it involved delays returning a rental car.

Jason, welcome to IPOS. Your pictures and videos of Demarco are a real treasure! And that little site you started, eGullet, ain't too shabby either :)

Melissa, yes, get to Brooklyn soon! Just don't miss your flight back to Edinburgh!

Savina, maybe we should start a support group for us gluttonous types. On second thought, maybe that's what food blogging is all about.

David, well, I've been up to other things besides eating pizza. More on that soonl.

Elise, I was so incredibly hungry and those slices were so amazing. I only wished I'd ordered more.

Bea, you must give it a try next time you're in NYC. I think that the show and the interminable wait is a big part of the experience.

Meriko, I imagine that it wouldn't take much to convince Derrick and Melissa to head to NYC.

Elle, yes, definitely worth it. No question about it.

Hchie, thank you for your kind words.

Jenjen, pizza? plane? Plain pizza!

Barbara, send your son to Di Fara. Demarco is truly a master pizzaiolo and should be filmed. I think he would especially be flattered to be filmed by someone from Down Under. It has to be a day, though, when your son has lots of free time. And preferably not a day when he has to catch a flight!


While I would laid down on the airport floor and DIED if I'd missed my plane (because I'm anal and Type A and need HELP), I think that as my final meal before dying, Di Fara's pizza could be just the thing.


wow, a real odyssey, but well worth it I´m sure.
I only ask for a plain cheese pizza if the place is good. I think it´s the ultimate test, like plain vanilla ice cream.


I'm not sure I would have been willing to invest all the time and effort you put into getting this pizza, but it sounds like the results were probably worth the ordeal of getting there. Guess the chain pizza joints don't stand up to this one!

Lisa G

Having lived in NY ( and working in NYC) for a decade, I do have to say there is pizza ( yawn) and then there is PIZZA. Until you've had a slice ( or two or three or...) of the REAL DEAL you really will just become heartily annoyed...even downright cranky, athaveing to endure all the chains mass producing ( in a hurry) what is commonly known as "pizza". A thin charred crust, VERY hot oven, FRESH sauce and cheese ( especially sliced buffa mozz) FRESH basil, sweet olive oil....wow. I HAVE to get back to diFara's!! Lisa ( now in CT)

Leon Mills

I sit here writing this comment in Newark airport. I had 5 hours to kill before my flight home to the UK, inspired by your article I had to go on this gastronomic mission, Dominic was there, his hands covered in flour, the pizza was ooosing oil just as you described.

Personally i think parmesan has no place on a pizza and it is too tart, but he blends it in such a way that it creates a fantasic compliment to the mozarella. I had 3 slices and 2 pepsis, total $11 - what a bargain. The only difference is, i will NOT be missing my flight ;)

slam man

Funny enough, I still prefer the plain cheese to peperoni

Mike Kellar

Back in the 40s I used to spend my summers in the little town of Croten Falls,N.Y.near Brewster.There was a little place called the Dew Drop Inn owned by 1st generation Italians,that was where I had my 1st pizza,being from rural WV I had never heard of pizza.To this day I still remember the taste of those pizzas.And although I have eaten pizzas from coast to coast including Italy,I have never found one even close.the only thing I can remember is that they were very thin and spicey with just the tomato sauce and strips of mozzarella cheese.Although I am now 70 I would be willing to go to NY or where ever if I could find one.Does anyone out there know what the recipe might have been?

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