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Thursday, April 20, 2006



Sounds delicious, it is pretty close to a barigoule isn't it. Have you tried out carciofi alla giudia aka (and less romantically) deep fried artichokes? I recently made them myself (unfortunately they were all scoffed prior to photography) and they taste delicious and exceptionally moreish.


A man after my own heart! I envy the selection of artichokes available to you. I roasted mine and I agree that cooking them in the oven is very sexy indeed!


Those are some seriously sexy photos of artichokes! I'm certainly in the mood for something springlike - aren't you glad the sun's finally come out?


How beautiful they are!!! AND the recipe looks fabulosa :) Have a great weekend!


so yummy! great pics too!


Bless you for this post.

I had a roasted artichoke salad at Gabriella Cafe (here in Santa Cruz) last week, and one of the components was the addition of largish breadcrumbs from a sourdough loaf, as well as large grated pieces of Manchego. There was another element, but I'm forgetting. It was heavenly. I'm eager to roast artichokes after that dish and this post.


I'd want to paint that bunch of 'chokes if the photo were not so perfect on it's own. I usually just nuke mine individually for like 5 minutes + a bit of Rice Vinegar. This looks way more interesting. Thanks


Hi Brett - I heart artichokes too and this looks fabulous indeed. What gorgeous shots to go along, I can almost taste them...

Lisa G

Wow... this is my first time visitng your incredible sight, but I know it won't be my last! Artichokes, sardines, etc ...all my faves!! I'm a "foodie" ( thought I loathe that word) and a cook ( self taught) and just whipped up some spicy sardine putttanesca that I am enjoying over tender capellini. Heaven! For years I have loved cooking with fish...; tonno, anchovies, sardines.. yes, the "fishy fish" and artichokes, olives, capers...I just think it's so much fun to experiment with big bold tangy flavors! I also find that different types/potencies of hot peppers add SO much to a dish..nearly ANY dish, as far as I am concerned! This is long, for a post, but I just wanted to tell you how very enjoyable your site is, therecipes and pics are fabulous! A food fan in CT, Lisa

Venkatesh Iyer

The pictures are really very good. Feel like tasting.

Mike C


That's the Catalan way of eating artichokes "carxofes al forn" - btw, have you done this to eggplants (alberginies), as well?

Restaurant la Bolera - the best artichokes in the world:



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