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Sunday, April 23, 2006



Fa-antastic! I'm just going to reach out and cut myself a gooey slice of that pie, if that's okay...


Gorgeous ! Yummy !


It must be some trick of the camera but that looks like the biggest pie ever! Very impressive - and I love dulce de leche so I'm sure it was scrumptious!


Hey Brett - great minds think ike since I made a version of banoffi pie too, although mine is a little bit of a departure from the original, I am glad you managed to research it back to its origins, since lots of people erroneously seem to think it was an Ozzie invention.

Luckily I had a couple of cans already in the fridge which had been sitting in the fridge since I boiled them back in November. I use a HUGE pan when I boil the cans so I never worry about the explosion scenario.

Thanks for taking part in What's for Pud!



Wow!! that looks good. Please email me one for dinner.


I love banoffee pie! I spent two years in an English boarding school, and we were once taken on a trip to see the (alleged) home of banoffee pie - a pub in some small town in East Sussex whose name I no longer remember. I think this desert is pure genius, and yours looks scruptious!

Lisa D. Walker

By George! I once threw a can in the campfire... but didn't nurse the coals long enough to get the desired result. Anyone else have any luck out there in the woods?

kel @ Green Olive Tree

My oh my, everything with dulce de leche set my taste buds tingling! sounds like an easy recipe. will try it out. looks like a dinner table wower!!


Funny that you mention the Spotted Pig in NY, I am from London and ended up there completely by chance on my last visit as it happened to be located round the corner from our hotel. I've since heard that it was given a mighty Michelin star, not quite sure whether it is completely deserved although our meal was good nontheless.

I agree that English desserts sound less than appealing however your amazing offering could change most peoples minds.


Banoffi Pond, perhaps?


omg i loooooove banoffee pie! Yours looks sensational and I love the precision involved in those beautifully overlapping banana slices!


Holy moly fo fo nee, banoffi!


My god, that's beautiful. And I don't care if it oozes, GIMMEE!!


hey brett would it make me a total nincompoop if I put a bunch of sugar on my slice and caramelized it with my handy dandy propane torch?


Bloody hell, appears I never responded to any of your comments! Thanks for all the nice compliments everyone.

I'll just address a few of the comments.

Diana, the name of the pub that claims to have originated the banoffi is the Hungry Monk.

Lisa, campfire dulce de leche...daring, dangerous, and potentially delicious.

Electrician, banoffi pond indeed! LOL.

JohnG, not a nincompoop at all. We used to do just that at a restaurant I used to work at with a similar banana tart. They were individual banana cream pies. However, this banoffee pie was eventually served with a pile of whipped cream on top, so I don't know if the brulee treatment would be worth the effort.


Wow! What a great picture. That pie does look huge and so delicious. Thanks for the post.

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