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Wednesday, March 15, 2006



How exciting just to even be considering it. I look forward to hearing more.


Sounds very exciting - Good Luck!


I'm convinced you'll find the right place, this was just an exercise, now you are even more focused on what is right for you. And I always think it's a good sign when I find something that I like because that just shows that there's hope! I enjoyed reading your story a lot, keep us posted!

shuna fish lydon

Oh Sardine you devil you!

I absolutely love the insertion of metaphors and thank you for taking us on this ride with you. I have heard some of these things from owners I know but it is so different hearing about it from you. because it's a new journey you are embarking on.

As others have said, I can't wait to hear more!


Good luck Brett! looking forward for the next chapter.

How many sardine dishes will be on the menu? ;-)


When you make it happen, I will be first in line. And if you need the Restaurant Whore to go bitchslap those greedy (and crazy) landlords for you, just holla!


Fascinating ...


Holy cow, how exciting. And crazy! Do you know your life will be over now??? LOL. Hope you find the perfect place and am eagerly looking forward to your next instalment. Good luck!


Brett..that was like reading a thriller. Will he do it? Will he not? I wish you all the best!


Exciting, and frightening too-what a committment to consider!


Best of luck & I look forward to following this journey all the way till the day I can come eat at your restaurant.


Cool. We look forward to visiting your restuarant.


I'll be second in line. That's probably more fun.


Wow, what an adventure. I'm sure the right place will come along if you look hard enough. I can't wait to hear what happens next!


what a crazy ride. i'm tired just reading about it. but it seems like fate made it obvious that this wasn't the one for you. there will be one that you'll stumble across and it'll be better than finding the holy grail :)


Congrats on even taking those steps - god knows how many times I've thought of opening my own bakery - but so few people actually go beyond just wishful thinking. Best of luck, and I am sure you will find that perfect place soon!

And keep us updated!


I missed you, too, Brett.

Ride the wave.


I didnt realise you were going through all this in your head whilst we were having dinner. Did we really make you forget?
Maybe my next dinner with ou in a restaurant will be 'Chez Vous'!

You do realise your place will be overrun with food bloggers when it opens, don't you?


Kalyn, you'll definitely hear more if something interesting occurs!

Ange, exciting and terrifying. Thanks for the luck. I'll take any I can get.

Ilva, I agree. I believe that every experience, good or bad, is part of the learning process.

Shuna, patience, my dear. Hear more you shall...eventually.

Nopisto, thank you for the good wishes. I suspect there will be a seasonal sardine dish on occasion.

Joy, if I need some landlord bitchslapping, I know who to call.

Alanna, thanks.

MM, thank you for the good wishes. In a sense my life will be over, but in another way it will be just beginning. I've been working towards this for 10 years, so I'm very excited. Stay tuned.

Gini, thank you for the wishes of luck. Hope the end wasn't a letdown. Maybe I need a rewrite? An alternative ending?

Lindy, true, it's a commitment. But then again, in my experience, the most interesting things happen once you commit to seeing it through.

SilverSara, thank you for the luck.

Sonali, thanks, I most certainly hope you will-and bring your friends;-)

JohnG, second is good. Like with pancakes. The first one never comes out well.

Melissa, stay tuned. I'll try to keep everyone up to date whenever something interesting happens on the restaurant front.

Vanessa, thank you. You're so right. In fact, there's a lot a parallels between this search process and Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail. Maybe that'll be my next metaphor;-)

Anita, thank you for the good wishes. If you decide to open a bakery, I'll send them right back to you. Just one thing, though. I'm not Rob. He's in Hogtown (and he's hungry) :-)

Tana, aw shucks. Surf's up, dude.

Sam, I fear you'll go hungry if the next time you eat out is at Chez Moi. Maybe you ought to make yourself a little snack. As for all the food bloggers, I suppose it's too late to go incognito? Yikes, that's a lot of pressure I put on myself, isn't it? Ah well, the more the merrier:D


I'm mortified! I have no idea how I got the name Rob into my head when I typing this up!

Well, please feel free to make comments about other blogs on my blog;) In the meantime, _Brett_, I hope you accept my good wishes again:)


Anita, don't worry, I'll always accept good wishes from anyone, no matter what name they call me;-) I can use all the help I can get! So, many thanks again!


good luck brett! i'm really looking forward to your menu. your future restaurant will definitely be my future sf dining destination. i really need to get a taste of a good sardine! :)


Well, you may have lost the restaurant, but (for now) you still have your sanity.



In Italian we say "Alla prossima!", or "Next time!".

Keep looking, keep the faith and keep blogging!


Tony-Bachelor cooking

hey congrats and good luck... I don't know how long will tke for me to take a similar plunge lol

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