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Saturday, February 04, 2006



Very fun. I have heard of "green onions" of course, but I haven't heard of this before, although I guess I have them in my garden in the spring when the garlic comes up. Not yet (sigh). My herbs are from the store these days.


I picked up some last week at CHue's and used it in my IMBB noodle dish. Didnt bump into this morning, no surprise as I have to go really early on my way to work these days.


Yay! Spring! Yay!!!


hi there , dropping a French post to say that i am a great fan of your blog and i enjoy reading you....and cooking through your culinary posts....


It seems that the more sophisticated we get about our food, the more we find ourselves celebrating the primal things: the change of season, the return of asparagus, the meaningfulness of the egg... And the green garlic!
(However, gather ye oysters while ye may. "R" months are running out soon.)


i second cookiecrumb's sentiments on the joys of primal things. simplicity is always good. Spring...bring it on!


sorry to hear your computer passed on. mine did that a few months back and i'm using a loaner laptop from my bf until i get a brand shiny new one. i'm still doing research - i take my sweet time on these things. as for green garlic - it's a lovely embodiment of spring and something tasty to cook with!


Brett--Wow, I forget how early things come up back in the Bay area. Here in Syracuse it is snowing. But this is one of the mildest winters on record which is confirmed by all the garlic that is coming up early in my garden. Not quite an early spring crop but I can pretend.


Kalyn, patience. Soon you will have an abundance of herbs and vegetables that I can only dream of growing!

Sam, I loved your "noodle" dish by the way. Very creative. I rarely make it to the market before 10. I bumped into several bloggers Saturday.

Kathy, Yay!

garance, how cool to have a French blogger say hello. I wish I could read French. I'll have to use BabbleFish to translate your site. Welcome to IPOS!

Cookie, good point! I'll have to get my fill of oysters soon.

vanessa, let's all go out into the forest this weekend and let out a primal scream! Spring!

radish, I like being brand loyal to Apple. Then I don't have to worry about choice. I can't afford the new MacBook, so that leaves me with one choice. Too much choice drives someone as indecisive as me crazy.

Jennifer, that's nice that you haven't had such a bad winter. I've visited Syracuse during the winter and it ain't pretty. Like Kalyn, I envy that you are growing your own garlic. Very industrious of you!


Gorgeous photo. This is one of those times where suddenly I'm surrounded by something. Everywhere I turn I read "baby garlic" or "green garlic." Or see it--turns out I always have plenty of little volunteers each spring in the garden. I've always snipped early leaves for salads, but never thought to pull them up and use the whole thing. Anyway, I'm backtracking and remembered you'd written about it--so that's why I'm so late with this comment. : )

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