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Wednesday, February 08, 2006



Hopeless cause, Brett...like unicorns, sardines don't exist.

Easily Pleased

oh good. I got here early in the comments so that I could be the one to ask the question:

How can Mr Bush be so against animal-human hybrids when he himself is at least 3/4 jackass? It seems a bit hypocritical. But then again, this is the oil man who just "informed" us we were addicted to oil.

personally, I think am at least part ruminant, as I have a distinctly separate dessert stomach.


Just give me the word and i'll have the "HYBRID POWER!" t-shirts, buttons, and website up and ready.

One of my favorite typos (maybe not???) in recent weeks...
Our best guess: a person of half mediterranean and half korean descent. basically, a really good looking person with a penchant for spicy seafood.


No need to forward them to the prez. He is probably monitoring your comments.


Maybe he watched that Jerry Springer episode of that woman who claimed she had mapped out all different "strains" of mixed heritage and came up with names for them. Or was it Oprah?

Then again, he might have misread and actually it was a call for prevention against human-animal hydrant, or human-animal hibiscus! Even more worrisome phenomenons! Guess we just got bush-whacked.


That's pure 'speciesist'!

Anyway, we all know who the real manimals are.


Perhaps it was directed at you, personally, from the start...human, animal, "Hi Brett"?

The vegetable-in-chief takes yet another courageous stand against a straw-dog (veg-animal).


Stand up for your rights, Brett! It's your Manifish Destiny! (I guess you have to stand up for N's rights too, because mermaids don't have feet.)


David, what do you mean unicorns don't exist. I'll get back to you on that one after I do some research.

Easily Pleased, you are too funny! Wouldn't it be great to have 4 stomachs? *sigh* I can only dream.

Vanessa, LOL! I think your recent suggestion of kimchi pizza and pasta definitely means you are of Mediterrean descent.

Kalyn, good point! Although I'm not so sure he can actually read, so we're probably safe. Just don't say anything to scathing on your next podcast.

MM, we've definitely all been bushwhacked.

Indira, thank you for your support, because I know you're a manimal-lover, I mean animal-lover.

Lindy, hi-Bretts and straw-dogs. Very funny!

Cookiecrumb, I love the Manifish Destiny idea!


LOLOLOL! The post was fantastic--the comments even better. Y'all are some smart freaks out there (and I say that in the kindest possible way). Also, I must personally thank Easily Pleased for that eye-opening realization. I not only live with dozens of ruminants--I must be one, too! I am now sure I have four stomachs: one dessert (like E.P.), one bread, one beer & wine, and one "other." Oh, what a relief to know I'm absolutely normal!

Chef Gigi

My first visit here via cookbooks 101 . You are hilarious! I love what your doing!

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