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Monday, February 06, 2006



...and three, don't mess with the sardine man! Sorry, Brett couldn't help myself. Thanks for clearing that all up. Nice work.


Yes thank you. I am always enviuous of the confidence Kate exudes as she educates her audience, knowing that I would be terribly nervouse were I to write such articles, because although I do quite some research online, I find myself faced with the question of which information is to be trusted annd which is not.

However, I have eaten exceedingly good fresh sardines in Europe and am now happy to have you tell me it wasn't a figment of my imagination (especially as i don't care for the ones in the cans nearly as much, if at all)


I saw that post on AH and wondered what you would think. I must admit I have never eaten fresh sardines, but I am much reassured to find that I might have that opportunity in the future. Well done.


If your second line had of been,"does anything exist?" I would have closed my browser and had a good lie down. You took us to the edge of an existential abyss, but artfully changed tack. Phew!

shuna fish lydon

I love when smart cooks whip us into shape! Go Sardines! You tell 'em!


Thanks for the info, Brett. Unfortunately it came too late. I just spent last week telling all the fish merchants here to pull down their signs for sardines, pointing out the silly error of their ways.
Now I'll have to print out, and translate, your article then make the rounds again.


Make way for the Sardine man!

Great post Brett, informative, funny and , best of all, it made me crave for sardines (I'm in a state of constant sardine cold turkey here in inland Germany).

Now to your next task: demonstrate that anchovies exist ;-).


Thanks, I can continue to eat sardines here without feeling as if I'm living a lie! I love it when people have the guts to contest something that isn't true!


OMG, Who can even doubt of the existence of sardines? of course that they do exist!!!

I don't know much about the latin name of the varieties, but I can differ at least five different varieties in Spain. From the galician Xouva to the asturian Parrocha and the big mediterranean sardine.

Those on the picture look terriffic.


Great post. I love the elegance and lightness of your response. It denotes good "human" and "word" skills as well as common sense. Sadly, some people tend to believe everything they read on the Internet and some bloggers (no intention of generalizing) just state things, without any concerns or even bothering to do some research first, just for the sake of checking things out before delivering gibberish (sorry for my choice of words). Some will get very upset when the "blasphemy" or nonsense is questioned or pointed out, reason why, with the exception of yours, I no longer waste my time reading blogs. Sort of like your resolution to quit watching TV.

This whole thing brings to mind the episode of a former blogger that caused uproar in the so called blogosphere after saying that she no longer read other fellow bloggers writings because some lose the initial appeal and charisma, becoming very snobish while inadequately impersonating the food experts or qualified food authorities.


go brett! throw down that sardine info! i feel so enlightened. thanks for all the knowledge. now only if i can find a restaurant serving yummy sardines in LA. :)


Actually, when I read that post I started cracking up but I refrained from making a comment. And I, too, wondered what your response would be since it impacts on your blog name. Have always believed "the more you know, the less you know" ...


Let us sing in praise of In Praise of Sardines!


Amy, I almost wrote something along the lines of what you wrote, only a little earthier. But I refrained.

Kalyn, yes, I figured it was my duty to share my opinion on the post on AH.

Sam, I love AH and was surprised to read something less than impeccably researched. Every so often, one will slip through the cracks. Kate also quickly ammended her post, which is commendable, and sent me a nice email. I lay all the blame on this Dr. Knowledge character.

tankeduptaco, but really, does anything exist the way we imagine it does?

Shuna, thank you. Go Eggbeater, too!

David, alas! The labor of an American in Paris is truly a heavy burden, yet one which I will happily help you to bear.

Alberto, anchovies! Yum. Now you're making me hungry!

Ilva, I'd hate to have people think they were living a lie.

Nopisto, I've read that there are several varieties of sardine in Spain - I didn't realize that there were 5! You are so lucky. Spain has the most amazing selection of fresh fish!

Shakthi, fact checking is very time consuming. I admit to having spent a few hours researching arcane UN documents to write my response. It's a good thing I don't watch TV any more! Who has the time?

yoony, I have good news for you. I am almost positive that AOC serves fresh sardines on occasion. Call ahead to check!

MM, yes, I couldn't just let that post slide.

Cookie, thanks. Deep down, you're a sweetie (even when you claim to be mad).


I didn't see the AH post but would have, lazily, ignored it most likely.

Can you tell me if what are often sold in the markets here as "surf fish" or "bait fish" are actually our California version of sardines?

Also, how do sardines compare in taste, texture and size to herring, since they're related? I've made pickled herring, but I had to go to SF Chinatown to get the raw herring. If I could sub the other fish, they'd be smaller, but much easier to come by.

ed fairbanks sr

Can you explain to me why we can no longer enjoy the small sardines we used to be able to purchase.
thanks ed

david tiley

Maybe she is defining the term according to popular culture. The thing most people call a sardine is canned, and develops a particular taste. That can be good in itself, but ain't nuttin like the real thing. Hence the "sardine" is not a sardine.

I am about to eat some real sardines right now, here in southern Australia. I think they are probably the Sardinops sagax, aka the Pacific Sardine.


How do i catch sardines? What do they eat so i may use it for bait?

Francisco J Serrano

Here in the US (Louisiana) Walmart removed the Great Value sardines out of the shelves. It's a shame those were very good and flavorful, besides being in a good price. Those were packed in Morocco, and one of the best kind of the Atlantic sardines.

Anyone has a contact with Wal-mart purchase department to find out whats wrong with that kind of sardines...

Sardine Lover

José Matos

Just come to Portugal in summer (between June and September) and eat those "inexistent" Sardines... you will never forget it!

Joseph Lipka

Thank God for the Sardine! I love the canned ones in oil, tomato sauce, or mustard! For further information and a great history lesson read "Salt: A World History". Great and interesting book with a huge section on Sardines and Spain. This is one book that I will keep forever.

Colin Tat

This is ridiculous, she needs a fat checker for her tinned fish.

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