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Wednesday, February 15, 2006



I ate at Incanto a few times when it just opened and was really impressed (although I did miss the German place that it took over.)

Enjoy your Head-to-Tail experience; I'll be dining at St. John's in March as well, although I'm not as brave as you.

Pray for me, St. Brett...


oh this is making me so hungry! and drooly. i'll have to check the restaurant out next time i'm in SF. hopefully soon.


I love Incanto! Haven't been there in a while and you've made me absolutely *need* to go back as soon as possible... the photos look delicious!



I adore Incanto but find the service to be a bit cool at times. I also think the menu can be less accessible to your average diner. This post makes me want to go there NOW!


David, I'll pray for you, even though deep down I'm envious. Some day I'll make a pilgramage to St. John's (and while I'm there, maybe Paris?). Chris was not the original chef at Incanto. The first guy was good, but I think Chris' food displays more passion and innovation.

yoony, I encourage you (and everyone) to check out Incanto next time you're in town.

Silversara, my secret agenda is always to make people hungry, so I'm glad it worked. Welcome to IPOS, too. I checked out your blog on cooking your way through "The Silver Spoon." Looks like fun!

Joy, I've heard a few others complain about the service, but I've not had that experience. Give me free sparkling water, a fantastic basket of bread (I forgot to mention that in my post), an interesting wine list and menu and I'll happily sit for hours. It's true the menu is not accessible to everyone. But, then again, does every menu have to be accessible to everyone? No. They can choose to go elsewhere. Frankly, though, the pastas are great too, and who doesn't like pasta?

shuna fish lydon

Last year I took my friend Jessica for her birthday. I tried tripe for the first time as well as head-cheese. But, like for you, the desserts sound better than they appear in the mouth.

We had an Offal tasting menu at The Fr. Laundry. In the course of a few weeks @8 people ordered it: a 4 top of German men and another of Japanese men. It takes a lot of guts but also persistance to pull off what Chris has. His demeanor is perfect for it.

(Joy--- the next time you go just pretend you are at King Arthur's table...it makes the atmosphere make more sense.)


Hi...You've got an Entertaining website. And yes sardines do exist (as u wrote earlier)...we love them. Trattoria is Italian for Restaurant ?


Hi Sonali, thanks for dropping by IPOS. Trattoria is the Italian word for a less formal restaurant or tavern. In the Bay Area, we use the word to describe just about any kind of restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine, just as we use the word bistro to describe restaurants that serve French food. Using the words trattoria or bistro are meant to convey that the restaurant serves nice, rustic food in an atmosphere more casual than a deluxe 4-star establishment.


Brett, I can't resist the sardines! All of your photos are wonderful.

Ms. Glaze

Oh man, you're making me miss home. I love the pics. Some one gave me a gift certificate to Incanto and it's still waiting to be used– too bad I'm all the way across the Atlantic! When I cooked at Ristorante Ecco (now closed) in SF we used to get gorgeous sardines in. Let me know if you want need recettes!

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