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Friday, January 27, 2006



Sounds really good and the top photo is very, very nice!



You're a kitchen Medj-ician!




The photo is really stunning.


That looks heavenly. I love the colours and I bet it tastes fantastic.


what a vibrant, succulent looking photo, brett. I hope this healthy dessert has got you well on the road to recovery!

thanks for your first ever SHF entry!



I love orange salads. I haven't had the date version for a few years. Brought back some good memories, Brett, thanks :) Have you ever tried the savory version with sliced red onions and olives?


Lovely Brett. I like the touch of rose water. I can just see this salad with some mint tea.


Ilva, Lindy, Kalyn, MM, an Sam, thanks for all the compliments on the photo! Our juicy local citrus fruits are so flavorful and attractive this time of year, so all I really had to do was point the camera and shoot.

David, :D

Sam, I'm nearly fully recovered, but it appears that my better half has been struck by the same bug.

Vanessa, yes, I like savory orange salads too. I've made versions with olives and onions, too. Grilled asparagus or sea scallops make nice additions as well.

Elise, I give credit to the chefs at Moro for the addition of rose water - although I decreased their recommendation for a few teaspoons down to just a few drops. Rose waters vary a lot in strength. The one I used is very strong.

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