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Sunday, January 22, 2006



I am sorry you are not feeling so well, Brett. When I was a kid, my grandmother would make me a bowl of lugau (pronounced "loo-gow") when I got sick. It's sort of a Filipino porridge, a la jook. If I had thought of it sooner, perhaps I would have brought you a soon-dubu chigae from My Tofu House. Get better soon...so we can have a great meal together.


Although I genuinely want you to get better, for your sake, I can't help but think that being sick Chez Brett, isn't such a bad thing after all. In fact it sounds quite delicious.

When I am sick I just want toast and butter and marmite and tea and angel delight which doesn't sound very healthy at all and probably not too good at aiding the recovery.

Hope you feel tip-top soon. You sound like you are already on the mend, so that's good.


Lucky you - I'd get sick all the time if I knew I had such great food to look forward to! And that soup looks heavenly - am I allowed to make it even if I'm not sick? ;)

Get well soon!


Wow, that looks way better than Lipton's chicken noodle. I'm also feelin a little bit under the weather, sniffling and using toilet paper at my desk for kleenex...yuck! Everyone always tells me to eat soup but I can't STAND chicken noodle. It's so un-American of me I know. I'd much rather have French onion soup or better yet, this one that you've posted for us. Thanks Brett!


Oh, you made antioxidant-rich gruel! How clever.
(Please, sir, I want some more.)
Be well.


I may have to rethink my cold remedy soup.Or maybe I should just fix this to prevent future colds. Good idea.It will be worth it, even if it doesn't work.

Generally, I go with a semiclassic...traditional steamy,full flavored homemade chicken broth with mazoh balls ,wonton, or tortellini, with the addition of a generous amout of lemongrass and pepper. For some reason, this just seems to be what I want to eat when a cold is very bad.Usually I wind up sloshing it over whatever I'm reading when I sneeze.

Feel better soon. This winter's colds have been mean.

The Bachelor Cook

when I get the feeling that I migth get sick, i eat lost of garlic ith my food, it really reinforces the immune system, Pepper is good for the cold....


I made your polentina soup last night for my wife and I. Not because either one of us was sick...but because it looked quick, easy, and delicious. When I told her that we were having soup with polenta...there was a long silence on the other phone line. However, by the end of dinner, a skeptic turned to a true believer. I had also made some grilled sandwiches for us but I never got to eating mine because I just kept enjoying the soup. Thanks for adding it to my repetoire.


Hope you feel better..


Oh, I empathize. And pretty easily, since I'm home from work today with some vile virus. Raw throat -- I sound like Lauren Bacall at 80 after 52 cigarettes. Yikes. I made up a quick batch of chicken-millet soup, which seems to be staving off the worst of it. But still, I wish i had me some of that pho!

Feel better, Brett.


I feel fine.I still could use a little of that good lookin soup.


I hope you get better soon! Hugs,


Thank you to everyone for all the well-wishing! It seems to have paid off, as I'm feeling much better now! Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my little iBook. It appears to be d-e-a-d. Blogging may be a bit of a challenge until I can get a replacement.

Mona and Shauna, I hope you feel better soon, too. Chicken-millet? You're so gluten-free, Shauna! Hey, I just realized the polentina is gluten-free, too.

SFFoodie, I'm glad you and the Mrs. enjoyed the polentina. Glad to have converted the skeptic. Hallelujah!

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