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Thursday, January 19, 2006



Catalan olive oil...

Such a lovely post, Brett!


Forgot to say I love the sweet little fish (I assume it's sardine!) on top.


I like most of your foods, but parsnips just don't do much for me. Probably I don't know how to cook them.


Dang man, that's a great list with obviously more coming. My thoughts aren't that clear, I think I would have come up with "pork". OH, and "bacon". Uh, and "gravy". I think gravy would be at the top.
MmmMMm, Sardine Gravy.



Damn Brett, we must have been born to the same parents at different times. My list looks pretty darned identical. Perhaps not in the details of the Spanish meals but the top 10, with perhaps a change in the peach/nectarine. I suppose we'd never be able to share a meal unless we got extra helpings of everything we both like.


Everything sounds delicious! It is great that you finally had the time to post the meme! Hugs from Panama!


holy crap you can make kimchee! i tried once during college (gak-du-ghee) and totally failed. and plus these days our whole family gets kimchee made by my grandmother's friend. this is the best kimchi i've every had in my life. she uses squid and sometimes oysters. how do you make yours?


I'd better get me some jalebi, which has never come my way, cause 7 of the other nine are identical on my personal top ten. Not that I don't love pickles and pastrami, it's just that I need space for bread and bacon.


A lot of tasty stuff there, Brett, but where's the fungi? Most chefs I've known can't imagine life without them.


Although pickles aren't my favorite...I otherwise love your list. No mention of crab though...mmmh...makes me wonder. And now that I think more about it...I need to have my butter. Crab + Butter = Bliss


I love this list, and particularly the long paragraph at the bottom. I haven't finished this meme yet either, mostly because I haven't been able to narrow it down to one. But now I know what to do!


Keiko, thanks for noticing the little fish "favicon" at the top. Although it admittedly looks more like a goldfish cracker, I like to think of it is a postmodernist reinterpretation of a sardine.

Kalyn, you're not alone in disliking parsnips. Once, in the kitchen at Chez Panisse, someone asked what people's least favorite vegetable was. One of the cooks (who has just been named the new co-chef of the cafe) said she couldn't stand parsnips. So you're in good company.

Dr Biggles, sardine gravy...not a thought to ponder while I'm nursing a cold. Suddenly, I feel a little queasy.

Haddock, sure we could share a meal. We'd just have to switch plates halfway through...oh god, then you'd be my wife.

Melissa, hugs from SF.

Yoony, I love pickling vegetables. It's really quite simple. I've made American, Eastern European, Italian, and Indian-style pickles, but not real Korean-style kimchee. The closest I've come is making my own sauerkraut.

Lindy, that's so funny that we have similar favorites. I love bacon and bread, too. I bet you'd like jalebi!

Johng, there's so many great things out there. I was bound to forget something. Definitely add wild mushrooms (and truffles) to my list.

SFFoodie, 2 more things I love that aren't on my list. Crab and butter! Basically, there isn't a food I don't like. Move aside, Jeffrey Steingarten. I'm the real Man Who Ate Everything! Also, welcome to IPOSardines, SFFoodie. I like the look of your website, too. "Culinary edutainment" sounds like fun! Sign me up!

Shauna, can't wait to see your list!


Zha jiang mian is just so much better in taiwan! The ones I've had in flushing just don't cut it!


"soon-to-be-outlawed foie" Really????


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