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Monday, December 26, 2005



Happy birthday! I'm a near Christmas baby myself. And I just got to see a John Waters XXXmas at the Fillmore.


Oh no man, I missed your birthday? Crap. That's the most important one of all if you're not really Christian-ha :) Happy belated Brett! And loved this post about your holidays of the past. I started out as a wee little brat in Los Altos for 6 years where we were accustomed to NON-white Christmases, then moved to Connecticut where we lived in quintessential New England suburbia..where we OFTEN had white Christmases. Now I'm back again in Northern Cali, seems I've come full circle...Your feast sounds like it was fantastic. Hope you're not back at work yet...I'm loving being out here in CA, kinda dreading going back to the Big Apple grind..


That was a great reminiscence, and a great tribute. Sounds like your mom was "groovy."
Happy birthday.


Looks like a appetizing tradition to me. Happy Holidays


How very cool! Hope your holidays are continuing - New Year's yet another reason to extend festivities. And have a very happy belated birthday!!


thank you for sharing your fascinating past with us Brett. I have been doing a bit of remembering the past today and of people suddenly and sadly no longer with us and this managed to bring a smile to my stormy little heart.
I hope you had a great birthday too, and I also hope we'll meet again soon in 2006

regards to you and N!


I really enjoyed this post. Just love those glasses on Santa. Though I grew up in the Pittsburgh city limits, in a craftsman era house, the furnishings and art were of the same sort. Our holiday traditions were totally secular, too.
Somehow, my brother and I managed to emerge from childhood without have destroyed the white wall to wall carpet which covered the house, even in our bedrooms. Imagine a kid being expected to keep white carpets clean! We didn't even think it odd, though.
The Herman Miller dining room furniture I grew up with now lives in my way eclectic apartment, among the miscellaneous old thrift shop furniture my husband and I acquired, back when it was plentiful and cheap, and the victorian family pieces my mother in law left me.
I'm sure the last thing our parents thought, when they were acquiring their sleek up to the minute mid-century stuff, was that it would have a nostalgic appeal. My mum, the last remaining parent, seems to enjoy seeing her stuff at my place, and views it nostalgically too.


PS Happy birthday!


What a cute little boy you were!

Happy birthday a little late, and thanks for all the work on your most excellent blog.


This reminded me so much of my own, late 60s, early 70s, just-outside-of-LA childhood Christmases. We didn't have a white tree, and my mother was more insistent on particular foods for Christmas Eve. But it certainly resonated.

I have a dessicating Christmas tree in my living room right now. I find I just really like the lights. But I have a photograph of two Buddhist monks on the top of it.

Happy Birthday, Brett. I so love your blog. Thanks for sharing.


haddock,happy birthday to you too!

Mona, glad to see (from your blog) that you're having fun getting back to nature in Carmel. It's like the exact opposite of NYC. You're comment makes me wonder if I don't celebrate Christmas because I never liked the competition with my own b-day (is that sacreligious?).

cookiecrumb, Mom was definitely groovy back then. Bouffant hairdo, Jackie O sunglasses, cocktail in hand, etc.

Greg, very appetizing indeed!

radish, thanks for the b-day wishes. Hope your festivities are also continuing.

Sam, glad to bring you a little sunshine, Ms. Scrooge;P Happy holidays and I'm sure I'll see you again next year.

Lindy, what a funny coincidence! What were our mothers thinking furnishing their houses in all white! Not fun for a kid (especially not a messy one like me).

Tana, ah shucks...thank you on both counts.

Shauna, I love that fusiony concept. Buddhist monks on your tree. I think I could go for that. Thanks for kind words too.

Your mention of lights on a dessicating tree reminds me of my first Xmas back home from college. I insisted we buy a real tree. I bought a beautiful fir tree that was like 14 feet tall from a man on a street corner for $50 (it was obviously stolen). I took it home and had to saw off the lower 2 or 3 feet to get it to fit into our living room. Then, much to my mom's horror, I insisted on live candles on the tree. It was the most beautiful tree I've ever seen. In hindsight, it was obviously my rebellious reaction to years of fake white plastic trees. Call it the rebellion of my inner Martha Stewart!

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