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Saturday, December 17, 2005



I am enjoying reading these posts so much. (Now if you could only arrange for me to be the winner . . . )


Let's hear it for arousing base passions. Bring on the garlic & onions.


Very well described. Some clarifications/addions: Other non-vegetarian brahmins also exist in India (Bengal and Konkan). Mustard oil and mustard is extensively used in Bengal. Yogurt on the other hand is indispensable in South India.

Anil Khar

I thik Haak is Kale or chinese kale. Also you forgot to mention suchli (another leafy vegetable) which is eaten by kashmiris. Overall a good artilce about kashmiri food. well I would like to mention one more thing that when we prepare food in large quantity in marriages we call it "Waazwan". Waaza means chef and wan means shop


What a thorough write up there...being an Indian I must say you must know more than more of us about the cuisine of one of our states! Came here thru a google search for a story I was working on!

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