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Thursday, December 15, 2005



Hi Brett - thank you so much for inspiring us with wonderful posts and pictures, I hope you have a lovely holiday season. Take care.

Mudasir Bhat

hi...itz really informative. i appreciate ur effort. good luck...


Hi i m really glad i read your articleI m making a documentary on kashmir and this article is a real help from you thanks.


Earth quake in Pakistan and India are very serious problem. In this way Pakistan and India have loss enough damage people and Loss enough money of this situation.


hi brett
Thanks for expressing Kashmir’s views and also for balanced reporting except u better amend India did not open muzzafarabad rout in response to earthquake it was opened before by India under pressure from Kashmir politicians which we believe represented kashmiri’s to some extent. Recently India opened trade route to other side of Kashmir again under pressure when hundreds of innocent and peaceful protesters demanding opening of trade rout lost their life at the hands of Indian security forces. Reason being a small land dispute which forced Indian (Hindu) extremists to choke Kashmir valley supplies including food and medicines and giving rise to humanitarian crisis. Kashmiri’s are peaceful and want to be peaceful indeed, so united nations must count the aspirations of Kashmiri’s and Kashmiri’s should be allowed to exercise their right of self determination as promised by united nations.

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