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Thursday, November 17, 2005



I ate there when I was in the Bay Area recently. I believed my words were "best pizza ever". Truly amazing what a good chef and a great oven can do for pizza!


"the tactile pleasure of poking and stretching the delicate, yet playfully elastic dough"
Hey, this is a porn site!! :D
I'd heard Pizzaiolo is top-notch. Now Michael Bauer is saying Picco in Larkspur is "all that." Cool. I love pizza.
(I was worried when I started to read this post, because I misread your distaste for wood-burning grills as distaste for wood-burning ovens. heh.)


Sounds great. Now I have this stong urge to order pizza. Subliminal message?



I can def. approve of your comments regarding the 'craft' you must entail while working an all wood oven.

Sure, I would make hundreds of pizzas in mine, my favorite things to cook in there were Duck Breasts - on a sizzle platter skin side down the whole way & Earthenware Braises using Rabbit and other game.

Finding the flow of an oven is key and once you learn it your skill is then the only factor that can slow you down.

I remember having a chef/friend that also had a passion for being a lumberjack - he loved wood - he would bring over sample and tell me the BTU's of each wood - some ( I can't recall which) would honestly SHOOT OUT fire - amazing!




i envy you - the choices of pizza you get to eat. Nothing lke that in my country singapore.

Wood Stove Accessories

Looks wonderful and as an added bonus cooking with wood is actually more eco-friendly than most people realize.


That's so cool I never try egg pizza!!! I want to try it,heh.

stove pipe

I love to cook and to eat cooking from a wood oven. There is just something about the flavor.

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