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Wednesday, November 16, 2005



Just yesterday there was an article in the Chron (which originally ran in the Washington Post) that talked about the dietary benefits of olive oil and nuts. Apparently they can help lower high blood pressure and improve blood cholesterol! Up to 10% of carbs were replaced with fat. So there you go.


Romesco is probably my all-time favorite sauce for anything and everything! I've put it on pasta, on vegetables, on sandwiches, on pizza... This looks like a fantastic recipe, I'm particularly intrigued with the 'double garlic' technique. Do you happen to know where exactly the recipe (or Alicia, for that matter) is from?


That lamb looks just perfect. Such a beautiful pink - I do hope my oven warms up soon. I'm starving.


Amy, you have to love a type of fat that is not only delicious, but healthy. Thanks for the info.

Melissa, I edited the article to make it more clear (and added some recommendations on the type of olive oil to use). Alicia is Catalonian. She is a trained chef who leads gourmet food and wine tours with cooking lessons in the Priorat and Monsant wine regions, where she lives. To learn more about her Catacurian tours, visit her website.

Lauren Harrington

Can you use any other fish with this recipe?


Yes, you can substitute pretty much any fish for the ling cod. Romesco also goes well on lamb and with vegetarian dishes.

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