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Thursday, November 10, 2005


shuna fish

How much are you charging for a jar of that red pepper confiture?


I am impressed. I'm from Utah, where it's part of the local (Mormon) culture to "bottle" fruit, tomatoes, salsa, and things like green beans or even corn. I'm not a Mormon and I don't do home canning. Too much work. But I can make great roasted tomatoes which freeze well.


I roasted tomatoes this past week and packed them in my freezer in ziploc bags. Unfortunately those bags are slippery and one slid out onto my foot; if it wasn't for some fancy footwork, I'd be on crutches. Your method sounds better, and those jars look nice and stable.


Mmm. I love tomatoes and your tomato confiture sounds delicious! I have visions of later in life, growing loads of tomatoes in my backyard. When I have a backyard that is. I'm sure you'll find good use for the sauce!!


You make eight hours of work slaving over a hot stove seem very romantic.I will be jealous in January when you consume your tomato treasure.


Could you say how you did the pickled beans?


Shuna, I wish I'd made more, but at least I shared the recipe.

Kalyn, I'm not Mormon either, but when I have time, I find it therapeutic to make pickles, jams, etc. I also love the idea of making my own cheese, brining olives, baking sourdough, curing meats and all that kind of old-fashioned stuff, but I rarely have the time. That pace of life is very appealing to me. I'm very quixotic that way.

David, I almost used bags too, but I had all these extra jars laying around since I never got around to making any jams this summer. Ouch. That could've hurt.

Radish, I have those same bucolic fantasies of having a backyard full of tomatoes and perfect veggies. But then I look at my drooping house plants and realize, with my brown thumb, my veggies would more than likely end up as snail food.

Greg, hope it wasn't 8 hours, but you never know. As the adage goes, time flies when you're having fun. I can't help it. I love spending time in the kitchen.

Lindy, I followed the recipe in "Chez Panisse Vegetables." If you don't have the book, let me know and I'll email the recipe to you (although I highly recommend you buy it - I turn to it often and am rarely disappointed).


Brett--Thanks for taking me along on your Amish adventure...it all sounds wonderful. I can relate to wanting to hoard sunshine...and I'm in freakin' San Diego, so you KNOW I must really need it...

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