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Friday, November 18, 2005


Monkey Gland

I just like the name, cardoon, I can't help but adopt a very silly Scottish accent when saying the word...


What a nice recipe, I will try it soon! The usual cardoon recipes here in Tuscany where I live are rather boring so this is much appreciated! Thanks!!


That's a lot of work for a couple of salads. Trés Chez Panisse!


"needs to be lavished with lots of love and attention to coax out its subtle herbaceous sweetness"
It IS a porn site! :D
Loved reading this. Just as you got to the point of wondering how to serve them, I was thinking "something like Celery Victor, eh, but sprinkled with eggs."
Which is what you sorta did. Wow.


MG, would care for some haggis with your cardooons?

Ilva, this recipe is sort of reminiscent of bagna cauda, but maybe that's from Piedmont?

David, ain't that the truth. But then again, you won't find me making my own puff pastry any time soon.

Cookiecrumb, maybe I should call it Cardoons Victor?

Derrick Schneider

I was thrilled when I saw them at Tairwa Knoll's stand earlier this year. I made bagna cauda and dipped boiled (I think) cardoons into the oil/anchovy/garlic mixture. Very trite, of course. Yours is a much more novel use.


lovely food and lovely prose!


Hi Brett!!

I've never had these veggies before! Thanks fo rintroducing me to them. :o)

I have a new food blogging event going...chk my blog for details. Hope you will be a part it!

- Meena


I am going to be the devil's advocate here and say that i really do not think acidulated water helps the family of thistle very much. Really, these vegs are army green no matter what, and I think acidulated water ends up making their flavour more muted than all the hard work merits. Trying to disguise oxidation just seems silly to me.

the most intersting way I have ever seen them used was in a grapefriut & cardoon marmalade. Innovative use of these seemingly complementary plants, but also quite good.


assertive vinaigrette i like this recipe i make it and taste it its delicious i just put little bit more red wine in it so taste become good


I don't like the taste of cardoons but some time I eat steam cardoons. But cooking this recipe with red wine I don't like the taste.


I learned to boil the cardoons in a court bullion (flour and salt in water) to extract a lot of the bitter taste. It was the way my auntie prepared them. Before it takes time but it is good. Try frying or au gratin which everyone loves.

barb fly

Maybe this blog is over my head but I just cleaned and cooked some cardoons. I decided to not put in a soup I was making and will use them as a salad but I don't really know what an assertive vinaigrette is.

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