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Tuesday, October 11, 2005



I really love the idea of Slow Food and support the concept of local eating, despite my serious addiction to Costco. I joined Slow Food in Salt Lake, but it was disappointing when I started getting notices of the events. All of them were seriously beyond the budget of a public school teacher like me. They seemed to go out of their way to schedule things at the most expensive restaurants in town, with expensive wine pairings to boot. It was pretty disappointing. I didn't renew, but I still support it in principle.


I originally joined slow food as I support the principle. All the events organised in NZ seemed to be money making ventures for restaurants. Like Kalyn I din't renew my subscription. This picnic event looks fabulous though.


Kalyn and Barbara, it's far more important to be supporting the principles of Slow Food than joining the organization. The only events I mainly attend are movies or lectures the group sponsors or ones where I go as a volunteer.


Sounds like a fabulous afternoon. We are living vicariously through you, Brett. I am such a huge fan of the school lunch reform. Who knows what could happen if today's schoolchildren were being nourished with something other than processed sugar, white flour and soda? Viva la Alice!


Hi, Brett,

I was there, too! Someone gave me a ticket at the very last minute.

I wrote up part of it on my blog ("Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow"). I had been to another Slow Food event the night before, and it was a fabulous weekend indeed.

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