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Wednesday, October 26, 2005



I am so happy so many people are taking david's prunes so seriously. Even if I did have time to enter, I am not sure I would be brave enough. I tried some classic French prune dessert the other day in a French Restaurant and it did nothing at all to dispel my contempt of this unpopular fruit.


PS - your post is so delicious, however, I am almost want to change my mind.


Indeed, Granada is a restaurant dessert but a tapas heaven. For those of you interested in seafood there is a little place callad FM where they serve some of the best shellfish in Spain.

If you are relly interested in dried prunes I can send you some.


I'm actually a big prune fan, so I'm eagerly looking foward to the round-up! I'm on my way out the market now, and will keep my eye out for the dusky purple things.


Sam, just had my tea-soaked prunes with my breakfast and they were indeed delicious. I like prunes even better in savory dishes, though. Consider serving these prunes with duck confit from Bi-Rite, Boulette's or Fatted Calf if you don't have time to cook.

Nopisto, I wish I had known about FM when I was in Granada! Thanks for the offer to send prunes, but our US and California restrictions are so strict (land of the free?) that they probably wouldn't be allowed.

Jennifer, David's fast! The round-up is already up today!


We just moved to the Bay area from Chicago and I came across your blog by accident while searching for a recipe. Nevertheless, have enjoyed your recommendations for decent DESI joints and others as well. Also have plans to visit Bombay Cafe in LA and Spain so appreciate the tips and directions you provide in such an interesting tone.


Mmm...you won me over with the word "chai"

It looks absolutely delicious!

Lindy (the person)

Thanks for stopping by.
I am a long time lover of prunes, but I can see why you would not want to leave one single marcona almond behind to make room for anything.
I had already discovered your blog prior to sheep/ prune/chicken events, and am enjoying it very much.

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