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Sunday, October 23, 2005



They look beautiful and thanks for explaining all about pudding souffles.


Wow, your souffles look great, and I bet they wouldn't suffer from souffle flavor malaise at all. Plus, I notice that we have similar taste in blog color schemes.


That looks gorgeous! I love your photographs, Brett. I can't believe I haven't seen your blog before. Well, add another one to the list!


Oh yummy! The butternut squash I picked from the garden this weekend now have a new destination! Thanks Brett!


Brett, it looks beautiful...the golden color is perfect! I have enjoyed reading many of your post---will continue later because I have to go back to the kitchen. There are hungry people walking around and waiting to be fed :) Will add you to my blogs that cook list right now. Hugs from Panama!


Boo-licious, thank you for your kind words.

Katherine, the flavor was surprisingly bright. They were deceptively rich and filling, too. Not what you would expect from something so light.

Shauna, welcome to IPO Sardines! Thank you for all the compliments.

Jennifer, lucky you, growing your own squash! This recipe will do justice to all your (and nature's) efforts!

Melissa, I'm glad you're enjoying my stories and recipes. Hugs from SF!


Very gorgeous! And so much info! Mmmm!

Glutton Rabbit

Brett, great presentation! The souffle looks really tempting. I like the idea whereby the souffle was twice baked and how it doesn't deflate. Impressive! Thanks for sharing.

The guy with the fish head, who is that? Suppose to be you? Really comical! I am laughing already. Haha...


Brett, what little beauties those are! As a fan of both souffles and baked puddings, I can't wait to give them a go. Thank you!

Bruce Arthurs

Hmmm. I'm wondering if, after the first baking, these could be frozen, rather than refrigerated, then thawed before the second baking.

That would let me use the fresh squash from the garden, and still have these throughout the year.

Recipe printed off and stuck in the "Try This!" folder.


Chronicler, thank you.

Glutton Rabbit, thank you, also. The fish-headed guy is actually from a poster for a summer festival in Tarragona. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

Molly, I hope you give them a try. They won't disappoint.

Bruce Arthurs, someone told me that they froze a batch of a similar pudding soufflé (leftovers from a restaurant) and it came out great when they thawed it and rebaked it. I think it would be worth giving it a try. If it works, maybe we could market them as the next big thing in frozen dinners.


How perfect! My dear s and I were recently given a butternut squash as part of a housewarming gift - and now I know it has met its destiny! I will have to try this soon.

Kitchen Chick

"...creamy interior and its crunchy breadcrumb-lined exterior." I'm sold on it! Looks fabulously tasty. And I love the idea of a twice-baked souffles that hold their puff. I wonder if it will work without cheese.

One unexpected side benefit of doing souffles for IMBB is seeing all the different souffles for vegetables. I'm on a quest to add more vegetables to my diet, and I predict more vegetable souffles in my future.


Brett,I feel as tho I've struck a vein of gold! Your information and photographs are sensational! I will be trying this butternut souffle recipe first chance I get. I'm amazed the little beauties don't lose their loft, really scrumpious looking! Thank you for enlightning me on souffles, and pudding souffles.In the past I've shied away from souffles as they barely seemed to hold the loft long enough to get to the table, next thing you know, your eating flat tires.Can't wait to make!

Pauline B

Oh YUM! I am always looking for something different to bring for the crowd at Thanksgiving and this will certainly give me the "Ooooooh, who brought this factor" along with being able to do them all the weekend before since I will have to make a lot more than 6. They'll thaw nicely on the ride up and, I'll be able to get them in the oven AFTER the turkey and everything else has come out.

Of course, I will have to make a batch or two before just to test them out. Oh lucky me :-)

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