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Friday, October 21, 2005



Quinces work well done as a Tarte Tartin.

Lovely photos. Pomegranetes appeared in our shops last week. I must check and see if they are from California. At $5.99 I didn't buy one. I love persimmons with a wedge of Triple Cream Brie.


Gorgeous photos! That pomegranate is incredible. I've been seeing the switch-over in the markets too, but unfortunately it's all coming from far, far away. I do know someone who grows quinces, though, and I'm waiting for a bag so I can finally try my hand at making membrillo. Have you ever done it?


nice shots, brett! and great write-up.

and congrats on your sheep ;) i was really rooting for pecorino pepato.


Boy, did you nail it. Seasonal.


Barbara, thanks for those two great-sounding ideas. Persimmon and brie, so easy.

Melissa, I have not made membrillo myself, but I did make something reminiscent of membrillo that I will share in a few days.

Jen, thank you on both counts. There may not be a sheep named Pepato, but I'm excited and amused there's one named Brett on FarmGirl's farm!

Cookiecrumb, I love eating fruits in season. Just when I get bored with peaches, here come the pears! It never gets boring in this neck of the woods.

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