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Wednesday, October 05, 2005



Hi Brett, if you ever come to Madrid don't miss Asturianos, our favourite wine-bar, tapas bar, bistrot and everything.

By the way, I just have dedicated you a post on my blog.




I'm so jealous--I've been trying to get to Prune for awhile now--my very next visit home I'll do it. I love your write-up. The closest thing we have to that here is Alto Cinco (www.alto-cinco.com). A great Mexican restaurant--yes, in Syracuse--that is truly the neighborhood place where excellent food and wine is served up daily.


Hmm. I've been to Prune half a dozen times and have yet to have a truly exceptional meal. Insofar as comfort food goes, it fails to really grab me even there. Somehow, the flavors fall short of being just right - but they do come close. It's a restaurant that has been written about, talked about, raved about. I went there in the first week it opened - it was decent. But it stayed there and failed to elevate for me. I'm trying to think of a restaurant that makes fantastic food of the same genre as Prune, but at 7am, I'm not thinking too clearly. Actually, Jerry's in Soho does just that for me. I thought for awhile tha tmaybe something's wrong with my perception until another foodie friend of mine, confessed to me in secret, that she too as underwhelmed by the experience. So I don't know... Maybe I'm missing something...


Hi Brett - just realized that the appetizer that you ate is from a recipe in Paula Wolfert's The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen! It's a delicious combination: avocados, marinated sardines, toast - I've eaten this standing up in my kitchen many times; it's so satisfying. And I totally agree with you on Prune - might be my favorite place to eat in New York (I blogged about it, too). Glad you had such a good time!


Nopisto, next time I'm in Madrid, I'll definately try Asturianos. Muchas gracias por dedicar el post sobre las sardinas a mí!

Jennifer, I wouldn't have expected a good Mexican restaurant in Syracuse.

Radish, you're not alone in your opinion. Not everyone likes Prune as much as I do. But just as we don't all like the same people or books or movies, we all have those things that, for whatever reason, particularly resonate with us. Also, thanks for recommending Jerry's.

Luisa, you're absolutely right about the sardine dish. I remember it caught my attention when I read PWolfert's cookbook, one of my favorites, because the simple recipe came from none other than Ferran Adrià of El Bulli. The only difference is that GH of Prune marinates her own fresh sardines for this dish, rather than using canned.


To have a perfect neighborhood spot is all part of the NYC dream. Isnt it. In my version, the restaurant would be CamaJe , but I from your descriptions, Prune sounds like a true contender...wowee, wow.


This is my favorite restaurant in NYC. I love Gabrielle's signature, her style, wit, and attitude. I love the service, the architectural details, (although it tends to be a bit chilly in the winter), and my meals always make me ellated. High, even though I don't drink.

I think that a key to enjoying her meals is accessing unadulturated joy, the giggling kind, not the austere kind. If one goes to Prune expecting seamless French technique or an over-the-top experience, they might miss the party.

are you in NY? I'm here too.


"Thankfully, there wasn't a tuna tartare, caesar salad, flat-iron steak, or rotisserie chicken anywhere in sight."
--because Michael Bauer isn't a NYC reviewer!


Hey, Brett, better late than never. I was Googling "Gabrielle Hamilton," and came across this post.

My favorite neighborhood bistros would be:

In Santa Cruz: Gabriella Cafe, Ristorante Avanti, Oswald (a bit more expensive than the other two)

In San Francisco: Le Petit Robert at Polk and Green. Have you been there?


hi -you have fantastic taste in restaurants! i agree completely but would add lucques on sundays and AOC in LA, and Zuni Cafe in San Francisco. Also Oleanna in Cambridge, MA. also Moro, Clarke's, the Anchor and Hope and St. John in London

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