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Monday, October 03, 2005



I love pastrami sandwiches, and when I saw it on a menu in an 'American dining bar' in Japan, I jumped with joy. You can only imagine the sadness on my face when I bit into my sandwich to find SPAM between the two pieces of rye bread. SPAM! How could they?!


i DO live in nyc and i can honestly say i have not ventured into the 2nd avenue deli in a VERY long time-too long- and this post is seriously inspiring me. i always seem to pass it on the way out to a fancier meal or on the way home and full from being out or god knows what. i just need to bite the bullet and do it-that picture looks awesome! one more reason to love fall in nyc...


I used to love Veniero's NY cheesecake, conveniently located walking distance from Second Avenue Deli. If you're still in NY, you may want to pay a visit (as well as to City Bakery for Pretzel Croissants....they are in my Top 10 great-things-to-eat in the world.)


Alice, what a horrifying story!

Mona, lucky you, living in NYC. I often read your blog and listen to my stomach groan with hunger.

David, I wish I were still in NYC! I'd try both places you mentioned. I can't even wrap my mind around the concept of Pretzel Croissants. Salty, buttery, flaky, soft. Do you eat them with mustard or jam?


So did you get that glammed-up elderly waitress with the comedio-shtick delivery? (She brings out a bowl with a matzo ball in it, and the broth is in a pitcher. As she, um, "applies" the broth, she tells you "You'll be the richer, I'll be the pourer.")
I have a hard time opening my mouth wide enough for that pastrami sandwich!
But -- jealous!
(Wait. Have you been to Canter's in LA?)


Now that's a sandwich!


Happy Rosh Hashanah ! :-)


Oh I heart NY something crazy. Loved this post and am now craving a pastrami sammich at 9:45am in Sydney Australia. *sigh*


Cookiecrumb, Canter's is a place I have been meaning to try, but have not yet.

Chanit, thanks for checking out my blog all the way from Israel.

And you too, Saffron, in Sydney. I know how you feel. Every time I look at that picture of the pastrami sandwich my stomach growls with hunger that will go unrequited until my next visit to NYC.


I remember People's Express but not fondly. If I recally, the planes were ugly and the service was bad.

That pastrami looks good enough to eat. Happy new year to you too.


My first stop would have been for cheesecake.


The bad news says that 2nd Ave Deli is closing down.

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