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Friday, September 02, 2005



Thanks for giving me another reason to go back to Spain...to stock up on ingredients. That was great, I never knew that about the rice (I just had a risotto failure cooking from a book...thanks Rocco...).
You paella sounds and looks (and probably tastes) much better...


Thanks for the tips on rice and not stirring. When I try to wing it and use ordinary rice, I find the following Rule of Paella:

One false move and it's jambalaya.


Hey there,
Just for your readers to know that they don't have to go to Spain to get these ingredients, including the pimenton de la vera can be had through spanishtable.com


David L, that's what you get for listening to Rocco!

David 2, very funny! Of course, worse things could happen than ending up with jambalaya.

rachel, I buy most of my Spanish products at the Spanish Table store in Berkeley. If you follow my links, you'll see they go to that store or the other resource in the US, www.tienda.com.


My Spanish friends (read, cooking mentors) showed me an artichoke trick. Grab them tight by the stem and smash them upside down. This loosens the tough outer leaves and makes it easy to rip them off. Here in Valencia, where the artichokes (with their own DO label!) are very small, efficiency is important.

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