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Thursday, September 22, 2005



i love this post. you should win an award for this post. it captures everything there is to being a food lover. thank you. thank you.


I just drove by there yesterday and was thinking that I just had to get off my ass and go. You've now got me even more convinced.


Thanks for reminding me why I don't work in the restaurant business any longer! My breaking point was when I had cut myself rather badly, and was lying on the floor in tears, my hand wrapped in towels, waiting to go to the hospital.

A waiter came by, leaned over me huddled on the ground in pain,
and asked,"Do we have any more chocolate cake? We're out."


Linked over from I'm Mad and I eat. Great blogging sir.


Rachael, thank you! Being a foodie can, at times, be torture and at times be rapture, don't you think?

Joy, definitely check out Canteen. I want to try it out at dinner to see if it's still as fun to eat in such a casual environment when you're paying a lot more.

David, I hope every day you wake up you realize how lucky you are to be out of restaurants and making it as a food writer (and celebrity blogger)!

Greg, thank you.


Canteen is a true gem. I love seeing someone caught up in their dream and making it happen. Dennis is clearly a passionate guy and it comes through in his intensity and of course the food!

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