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Monday, September 26, 2005


Becks & Posh

oh Brett - what a brilliant idea - i love the flavour of a good ratatouille (which I always sprinkle with toasted pinenuts for extra decadence). And these crepes sound so good - i even think I might have some chickpea flour - is that the same as 'gram'? I will check in the cupboard tonight to see what the stuff I have is made from. Thanks for the inspiration and for taking part in your first IMBB too. Delicious.


Oh my goodness, what an impressive group of photos and recipes. This sounds just fantastic.


Wow, this sounds so amazing... I never thought to cook the elements in a ratatouille separately-fabulous idea!


That looks and sounds fabulous! Its the end of summer, and I have to try this right away...I have always loved Indian "tomato omelets" (vegan crepes) and stuffing them is a great idea.


Sam, pine nuts are a great addition to ratatouille (so are capers, olives, or thinly sliced celery hearts). Yes, gram flour is the same as chickpea flour.

Kalyn and Fatemeh, thank you for the lovely compliments.

Nupur, I'd love to hear more about these vegan tomato omelets. I've never had one of those. Are they essentially the same as the socca, only with tomatoes added?


Looks and sounds delicious! What a great way to pair ratatouille with! The crepes look very flavorul...I'd love to give them a try. Thank you for your recipes :)


Yum - this looks lovely and so colorful and healthy and delicious, all wrapped in one neat pancake! I love the idea - thanks!


Most ratatouille I've had are an unidentiful mush of veg. Yours loves lovely.Thanks.



I love ratatouille but haven't made it in a while. I am going to try it the "cooked seperately" way. Pairing it with socca crepes is a brilliant idea. When I was a vegetarian I used to put some tofu in it or cheese on it for protein but this sound incredibly tasty.

(again, *drool*)


Nice dish. I try vegetarian dishes once in a while. I usually fail by the need for chicken stock or worcestershire sauce, which contains anchovies.



I like the way your comments are arranged. it's so anarcho.

And yes on the cooking each ingred separately. This is the corner I feel where most rata a ta tats differ. My biggest pet peeve in an eggplant that hasn't been given a chance to come ot its full delicious potential.

ps. do you keep your chickpea flour frozen?


Many thanks, soycap, Luisa, Greg, Charlotte, Rod and Shuna for all the compliments. Much appreciated. Hope you all get a chance to try the recipe.

Shuna, I generally store the chickpea flour in the fridge, but it would probably last longer in the freezer.

Venkatesh Iyer

Oh! The Picture really looks great. Thanks for the Ratatouille recipe.


Till I watched the cartoon ( http://file.sh/Ratatouille+torrent.html ), I didn't have the slightest idea of the dish! I will surely cook it! Hope my husband will like it :)

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