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Sunday, August 21, 2005


Becks & Posh

ha ha - that's funny -
i am going to be publishing a Limon review on wednesday too


Hi, Brett,

Found you linked on SF Gourmet (me, too!) and can't believe I haven't seen your blog before.

I am all about supporting local farms, and that's why I went yesterday to Boulette's Larder at the Ferry Plaza. We had a lovely feast that included sardines. Amazing sardines. Glorious sardines. It was a fabulous meal, and I will return.

Also, I read and loved the Chris Stewart book: I am fond of quirky first-person narratives.

I look forward to reading more of your work: I have added you to my subscriptions.


I recently started my own NYC restaurant blog and found your site off of "food porn." Very cool! I'm going to link to you as I want to kind of develop a nation-wide resource for people. I have no credentials/prior experience that would make me an expert food critic, besides my appetite love of food. Is that enough? From the looks of your site you might agree? Would love any tips, pointers!
(I was born in Palo Alto, boyfriend from Los Gatos, parents have a place in Carmel..what am I doing in NYC!?!?!)

Manuel Garcia

Just want to add to your list. Check out La Solea Dance Cafe' This is a cozy cafe'located at 19th and Mission (on 19th). They have friendly people, a cool african inspired decor and it offers a variety of etnic dance and music classess,yoga, and recently they started serving up delicioud East Indian food for lunch and brunch for a moderate price. The Indian food there is really home made style and has fantastic flavors. Try the fish croquette, the coconaut string-beans and one of my all-time favorite a delicious chicken masala. It's one of my favorite spot in my favorite neighborhood.

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