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Monday, August 22, 2005



Looks great. And you even managed to fit in a snack as well!


Great site, and thanks for your comment :) My friend designed the site, which is why it looks so cool. Yours looks great too! This entry is particularly helpful considering that two my gf's and myself are going to be in SF/Napa area next week and it's always fun to have a delicious yet wallet-conscious meal.


I was very happy to see that you had posted this today. I'm moving to Napa soon for school and would love to go to SF during the weekend to do something like this.

Great Idea. : ) I'm going to have to borrow it.

Rachael Ray

You know, Brett, I have already visited SF once on my $40 a show, but maybe I am going to have to come back and redo it, because your choices seem a lot better than mine were. If I return will you be my guide for the day?? I am sure you are quite cute!

xx Rachael xx


Oh, Rachael, you little tart!


thanks for taking part, Brett, the roundup has just been posted.


hello hello brett! thanks so much for coming out to show us san francisco (my favorite city) in the dine and dish party! hopefully we'll see you at the next dine and dish (no 5!), too...

by the way, i LOOOOOOVE sardines. my friends think i am weird and my family thinks i was switched in the hospital when i was born, lol!



Thanks for all the SF memories...all these Northern California entries make me miss the bay!

I also loved that you SOLD your TV and turned the 40 bucks around for food. Classic!


AG, radish, emi, sarah and Pam, thanks for stopping by.

radish and emi, if you do visit some of these places when you're in town, write back and tell me how you liked them. I'd love to know.

sarah, those who don't love sardines are the weird ones. What is their problem?

Pam, I could've written that the $40 filled up a tank of gas, but I suppose it wouldn't have been as interesting;) If you miss SF, time to move back, I say!


Good to see I'm not the only one who goes television-less. I've been without 2.5 years now. I now waste all my time in front of a computer :P

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