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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Becks & Posh

not at all - i think we have all been finding out the same things, running across the same problems.
fresh produce and dairy is almost a no brainer here in NCal
Though for mozzarella i much prefer, for example, the one made down south with buffalo to the one made in Berkeley with cows milk.
I like going to cowgirl and asking 'whats the closest local cheese to gruyere' for example. That's how i discovered 'serena' last week.
It makes sense to import things that can't be grown or made locally to good enough standards of taste.
But it doesn't make sense to eat fresh, non seasonal produce from elsewhere when you can buy it round here.
That's my conclusion anyway.
Don't ship a tomato from 100s of miles away whilst they are being grown in the back yard.


We are fortunate living in Northern California, aren't we. It's crazy not to eat local fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats, because we have so much choice--especially in August. Thanks for the tip on the Serena cheese. Have you tried the very fresh and creamy buffalo milk mozzarella at Cowgirl Creamery. I think it comes from Marin or Sonoma, but I'm not sure.

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