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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Becks & Posh

ok - i have to go to Santa Clara
I love south indian food
although my experience of it is only really from London and Kennedys Irish Curry House so far.


Hi Brett, I'm really curious about this amritakala, having the insatiable sweet tooth that I do. I've never heard of it before and googling doesn't produce any hits - is it their own creation? What exactly is it? Does it go by any other name?


Hi Melissa, as far as I know, the name "amritakala" and the recipe are both unique to Dasaprakash. I've tried prying the recipe away from the owners to no avail:( Although I've only had it once several years ago, if memory serves me correctly, it's made up mostly of ground nuts (cashews?) and lots of butter and flavored with saffron. From what little I know of Indian sweets, it may include fresh cheese (channa in Bengali), similar to a sweetened, drained ricotta. Neither my wife, who is Indian, nor I have ever had anything quite like it, even in India. Just glanced at your site and loved it, by the way. Next time you visit your family, try to pop down to Bay Area and sample the sweet at Dasaprakash--remember, Thursdays only.


One of my favourite restaurants (and fondest childhood food memories) is of Hotel Dasaprakash's thali meals in Ooty, in India. When I saw a dosa establishment of the same name in this post, I could not help but grin.


Tara, thanks for dropping by. What a fun place to grow up! N and I spent part of our honeymoon in Ooty and adored it.


any dosa huts or restaurants in san francisco that you know of?


hey..its probably way to late to comment on this blog entry..but for what its worth..amritakala is made with coconut cream, milk, sugar, ghee and saffron. i add cardamom too. the key is timing and the heat so it sets properly more than the ingredients which are rather straightforward.

i made a batch today...i didnt know that it was called amritakala, of course. someone mentioned dasaprakash's version and i googled to see if there is any comment about it online.

Venkatesh Iyer

Dasprakash is one of the best restaurants. We really love Dosa very much.

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