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Thursday, July 21, 2005



great picture
reminds me of when i was in Lisbon once


I had the pleasure of eating at Kaia only three weeks ago. My firt time, having only ever eaten at ElKano on my previous three visits.
Our four and a half hour lunch was a most memorable occasion.
I can highly recomend the baked spider crab and the Hakes cheeks are a delacacy, but the Turbot and Sea Bream were the best fish I have ever had.
For pure fresh food this is as good as it gets, however for a meal to beat all meals we were lucky enough to get the tasting menu at Arzak in San Sebastian on the Tuesday lunchtime. Only a five and half hour lunch on this occasion!!!

Maria Antonieta

As a waitress at Kaia-Kaipe I was looking for a picture of the restaurant in the net and found this one! That's our star, his name is Peyo, which means Peter. He is the one. Without his performance the place wouldn't be what it is. If he fails, everything goes down.

Thank you so much for your review, I really loved it. And I'm gonna let him know about it right away. I'm sure he'll be very surprised, and will have something else to show off.

Hope to see you there sometime soon ;) I'll make sure you get a table on the front row of our biggest show.


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