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Friday, July 22, 2005



Hello Brett,
Just discovered your blog via Sam at Becks & Posh. My husband are traveling to Spain this fall and can't wait to check out some of the restaurants you've been to.


Brett: I love that pintxos bar, La Cuchara. The foie gras with the apple marmalade is super, although I once ordered the beef lips (by accident), which was a good lesson in the Catalan language.

Kate Hill

Ay Donostia! Brett, I love that photo-- sugar paper wrappings on the floor, kegs posed at the door, a narrow entry to force the convivial crowd inside... and the hippy attitude of a summer skirt! You caught the dance of eating pintxos as well as the tastes. Bravo. and thanks to David L. for recommending your blog to me


Hi Brett, I found your blog through Sam's review and you've hooked me straight away. I've had a flood of nostalgia reading about Donostia, as I spent a lot of time there when I lived down the road in Bilbao. Fantastic writing and great photos - I can't wait to read more of your adventures!



Your series of posts on Basque cuisine are amazing, thanks so much for sharing.

Also, those pictures you have to go along the posts are spectacular, thanks for sharing.


Kate, glad you liked the photos. Aren't pintxos fun!

David, loved that foie gras pintxo, too. So much so that I went back a second time and ate it again. I'm in Barcelona now and plan to follow your chocolate tour recs you posted on eGullet a while back. Thanks.

Christine, have a great visit to Spain! I'm here another week (in Barcelona) and will be posting about this, my favorite city anywhere, shortly.

Blex, I am glad you´re enjoying my Basque ramblings. I wish I'd seen your site before I went -- could've gotten some tips!

Melissa, lucky you, having lived in Bilbao. Only spent a quick day there, but I'd love to return.

To all, welcome to In Praise of Sardines.


Hi Brett,
another reader through Sam. Love what you've written and shown us so far (great photos!). The Chipiron en Equilibria del Mar looks and sounds divine.Barcelona is near the top of my 'places to visit next year' list, so hopefully I'll get to try out all your recommendations. :-) Look forward to reading you in the future.


Another fantastic post brett.
I wonder how are they doing in Txepetxa with the disappearance of anchoives in the Cantabric Sea? Are they bringing them from the Mediterranean?


Great article! I think it can be very useful for people who want to try pintxos in San Sebastian. I would add a couple of new bars, not so famous, but that have started doing very good things.

Both are in the central area of Donostia, near Buen Pastor Cathedral. One is names Alex, while the other is Zazpi. It's difficult to recommend one pintxo at each bar, as they change their offer with the season. So, just go around and ask the barman for their last speciality (I would suggest to do that in most cases, unless you have fixed your eye in one pintxo on the bar). Best pintxos often aren't on the bar, you have to ask for them.

If you want to know more about pintxos, let me suggest you a website: www.todopintxos.com. It is all about pintxos in San Sebastian.

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